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    Hoymiles Converter Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in green energy industry. We started as a R&D team in the National Key Laboratory of Zhejiang University .....

  • Solar Photovoltaic Microinverter Manfuacturer


    Conventional central inverters or string inverters normally bear direct current voltage up to hundreds or even thousands of volts, which can easily catch fire and once the fire ....

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    With the world leading cutting-edge technology of the Microinverter, Hoymiles developed a global market which covers more than 30 countries, including USA, Australia, Germany....

Microinverter Manufacturers in China


The efficiency of microinverter is up to 96.7%
Panel level MPPT, 10%-30% more energy harvest

Smart Monitoring

Panel level monitoring
Worldwide on-line system maintenance and troubleshooting


No high DC voltage
No fire and electric shock during installation and operation


Warranty is up to 12 years, and can be extended to 25 years
No single point failure
Rugged NEMA6 (IP67) enclosure rating
6000V surge protection