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In the coldest, harshest environments. From compact balconies to sprawling installations. With Hoymiles, get tailored solar and storage solutions that you can count on– anywhere in the world.

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Take charge of your energy independence

Save the planet and your energy bills. Gain true energy independence, so you can feel right at home with reliable solar and storage solutions.

Power your home
For business owners

Maximize your profits

Drive down your business energy costs with Hoymiles’ efficiency and quality. We’ll help you make informed decisions to maximize your solar yield, whatever your environment.

Energize your business
For installers

Faster installation, faster business growth

Boost business with quality, ease, and assurance: less time on installations and repairs, more on growth. Our top-notch, easy-install tech with a 25-year warranty powers your performance.

Save on installations

Unleash peak panel performance

Get the most out of your solar panels with our intelligent microinverter technology. Maximum efficiency at minimal costs.

Meet the people powering up with Hoymiles

Homeowners, businesses, installers, and tech geeks: They’re all shouting from the rooftops about why they love Hoymiles. Hear from people like you on the real-world impact of our smart, seamless solutions – and how their lives are changing with total independence, lower costs, and simplified installations.

Energy storage solutions
Every watt counts. That’s why our energy storage puts the power back in your hands, so outages will never darken your door again.
Data transfer units
Stay informed with real-time energy and performance tracking.

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  • Hoymiles Expo

    Intersolar Europe was undoubtedly the most important solar expo in June. Held in Munich, Germany, the expo attracted a lot of professionals and industry insiders. Hoymiles was quite sought after thanks to our leading MLPE (module-level power electronics) technology that delivers smart and high-yielding solar solutions. 

    Hoymiles at Intersolar 2023
  • Hoymiles Expo

    Hoymiles at SNEC 2023

    SNEC 2023 opened in Shanghai on May 24th, 2023. Hoymiles, a leading manufacturer of PV microinverters, introduced its FLEX series of new products, along with its full range of products such as microinverters, rapid shutdown devices, and energy storage inverters.

    Hoymiles at SNEC 2023
  • Hoymiles Event

    Global Distributor Conference 2023

    The Hoymiles Global Distributor Conference 2023 scheduled from May 20 to 22 was a huge success. During the three-day stay in Hangzhou, our partners visited Hoymiles headquarters and factory, and joined technical sharing sessions to learn more about our company development, products, technology and manufacturing process.

    Global Distributor Conference 2023

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