• Module-level monitoring and easy maintenance: Microinverters enable module-level monitoring, so users are able to check the operation data and performance of each and every module remotely in real-time and detect potential problems in time. This makes maintenance super easy.
  • High efficiency: Microinverters are known for their module-level MPPT which means that PV modules operate independently of each other and would not be influenced in case some are underperforming due to shading. Therefore, in residential, industrial, and commercial power plants, microinverters guarantee 5–30% more energy output than traditional inverters.
  • Reliability guaranteed: Hoymiles microinverter is marked by the IP67 enclosure rating. IP stands for “ingress protection”, and is a a rating system  that assesses the resistance of an enclosure against water and dust. The grade is represented by two numerals, the first one indicating the protection degree against dust and the second one showing the protection against water. In the case of our enclosure rating of IP67, it means the equipment is dust-tight and is protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water. More specifically, our microinverters are tested to still perform well after being immersed 1 m in water. 
  • Make full use of your rooftop space: Our module-level MPPT means that panels can be placed in a way that the space on your rooftop allows. This is particularly cost-effective if your rooftop has slopes facing different directions.
  • Industry-leading warranty: Our microinverter comes with a standard 12 years of warranty and is extendable to 25 years. Click here to learn more about our warranty information.
  • We offer a full range of products from 1-in-1, 2-in-1, 4-in-1 to 6-in-1, meaning that a single microinverter can connect one, two, four, or six panels at once. We also have single-phase and three-phase products for different settings.
  • Our microinverters cover a wide output power from 300 VA to 2250 VA and are compatible with 166/182/210 modules.
  • Our microinverters have been certified globally and can be seamlessly tied to your local grid. You will always be able to find the right one for your solar journey.
  • Our microinverters boast high efficiencies. Our excellent 99.8% MPPT efficiency ratings make sure that more of your panel production is turned into usable energy. Our 96.7% CEC peak efficiency ranks among the highest in the world.
  • Hoymiles has been on the fast track and our annual production capacity has reached 2 million units on average. From 2016 to 2021, we registered a 100% increase in sales volume every year. As of 2022, over 1 million Hoymiles microinverters have been installed across more than 100 countries and regions. Our service network now spans more than 76 countries and regions and this number is expected to grow in the years to come.

  • Our microinverters feature a full-range lineup spanning from 300VA up to 2250VA and they are compatible with all the mainstream 166/182/210mm modules with power ranging from 300W to 670W. Our microinverters are incredibly flexible as they can be connected to one, two, four, and six modules at a time which are called 1-in-1, 2-in-1, 4-in-1, and 6-in-1 respectively in the Hoymiles ecosystem. It means that you don’t need to have as many inverters as the modules. For example, if your space is limited and you can only install two panels, then you can choose one of our 2-in-1 microinverters instead of two regular microinverters. Furthermore, you can also mix and match our products and make full use of your roof no matter how complex it is (check out our blog here). You can always find a product that suits your needs because we are ready to fit you into any installation setting. Check our product list for more details and you’re very welcome to talk to our experts if you are still not sure which products to buy.

  • Yes, you can either choose our HMT-2250 high-powered three-phase microinverter or use our single-phase products to form a three-phase system.
  • We recommend that the over-sizing ratio be between 1.1 and 1.35 depending on your solar project.

  • First of all, we put electrolytic capacitor, the most important and fragile component of a microinverter in the coolest part inside its body, ensuring the longevity of the microinverter while not compromising the overall performance.
  • Second, our microinverter is known for high conversion efficiency, namely converting almost all DC current generated by PV modules into usable AC current. The higher the conversion efficiency, the less the heat produced. Hoymiles microinverters got the best CEC weighted efficiency of 96.5% and CEC peak efficiency of 96.7%. The industry-leading efficiency maximizes the energy harvest and helps users get the best returns on their solar investment.
  • The enclosure of the Hoymiles microinverter is designed in such a way that dissipates heat quickly (natural convection). The aluminum enclosure makes the product light and more erosion resistant.
  • They are installed differently on the AC side, and the trunk version is known for easier installation.

  • This depends on the power and model you choose. Basically, the higher the power, the fewer in a single branch. The number could range anywhere from 3 to 19. You can refer to the datasheet for more information.

  • Our microinverters are built with all-around protection mechanisms such as anti-islanding protection, input reverse polarity protection, and 6000V surge protection.

  • We exclusively sell through our trusted network of distributors and local professionals. Get in touch and we’ll help you find the right partner.

  • If you’re looking for an installer or distributor, we can recommend a trusted local partner. Contact us to get started.

  • Our resources section is designed to help you learn about our products and how they support reliable, high-performing solar installations.

  • Your primary contact is your installation partner. Contact them directly and, if necessary, we will provide extra support to help resolve the problem. If you can’t find a local installer, contact us for more help.

  • Absolutely. S-Miles Cloud, our smart monitoring platform, is available for every product online or on your mobile device.

  • Yes – you can click here to see a full list of the relevant certificates.

  • Microinverters should only be installed by qualified professionals.

  • The maximum Wi-Fi range depends on the materials between the sender and receiver.



    Relative signal range reduction



    Stone/pressed cardboard


    Reinforced concrete



    Up to 100%

  • Yes – you can use either a zero-export function or a limit power function depending on your specific needs

  • This may indicate an issue with your AC voltage. Contact your installer for more support.

  • Yes – we provide up to 25 years warranty as standard, with options to extend your warranty through your installer or distributor. You can register your warranty online.

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is used to adjust solar installations for the maximum performance in a range of conditions (like the amount of sunlight or temperature).


    MPPT efficiency represents how effectively a microinverter tracks to the maximum power point. In short, the higher the efficiency, the more output power you will get from each panel. Ultimately, this determines the return on your solar investment.