Real-time monitoring for
your entire solar ecosystem

Experience real-time Hoymiles monitoring across your entire solar power system, ensuring you stay informed about performance, energy production, and system condition at every moment.

S-Miles Cloud
The Hoymiles monitoring platform

As a Hoymiles monitoring platform, S-Miles Cloud is your comprehensive toolkit for monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting your photovoltaic installation and solar power system on both mobile devices and web browsers. Access visual data on energy production and usage and delve into in-depth analytics, all within a simple interface. With the Hoymiles monitoring system, maximize performance, retain control over your solar power system, and make informed, data-driven decisions at every stage.

From your entire ecosystem to individual components

Hoymiles monitoring system, S-Miles Cloud, offers homeowners a powerful platform to monitor their solar installation and solar power system, providing access to as much or as little data as desired. Track overall plant performance with insights into monthly and lifetime energy production, as well as emissions reduction. For a closer look, leverage the live data of the Hoymiles app to monitor the performance of individual modules.

This comprehensive portal also includes proactive alerts, ensuring prompt attention to any components needing maintenance or adjustment.

Free lifetime access, 24/7 support

See your energy production and
environmental impact at a glance.

Monitor production over time and
track how your system is performing.

Visualize your solar panels and
compare their performance side-by-side.

Get proactive alerts if any part of your
installation needs your attention.

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