Solar Accessories-FLEX Series

Solar power installation made simple.
No more complicated wiring or confusing connectors.
Just a few simple and easy-installation solar accessories.
Inspired by the way toy building blocks lock together, the FLEX series (HMS Cable System)
makes solar system installation easier and faster than ever: Just plug in, click into place, and you’re ready to go.
For everyone from homeowners to professional installers.
Now that’s a bright idea.

Plug in. Power up. Move on

No more complex processing or manual wiring. No confusing male or female connectors. Hoymiles FLEX series (HMS Cable System) is designed to make your solar system installation a breeze.
With our truly plug-and-play power system, we’ve simplified the installation process, allowing you to cut solar power installation time by 70%.

  • For installers, that means less time out in the field, more time to take on more projects – and more revenue for your business.
  • For distributors, that means easy ordering and less confusion over getting the right connectors.
  • For homeowners, Hoymiles FLEX series (HMS Cable System) gives you the power to confidently handle your solar system installation, taking control of your solar system. Plus, you’ll be able to do it swiftly, freeing up your day for more important tasks. With the help of our solar accessories, we’re redefining the solar power installation experience for everyone involved.

Cut costs without cutting corners

We are the only provider that allows you to mix and match different sizes of ready-made cables to fit your project’s requirements, so you only pay for what you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

The moment you get these solar accessories, you’ll intuitively know what to do.

Our solar accessories of the FLEX series are designed for effortless and error-free installation. They are ready to use right out of the box, with minimal preparation and wiring, and zero chance of manual errors—no need to pay technicians to help you out.

But fast solar system installation doesn’t mean we take shortcuts on quality. Each solar accessory is carefully quality-controlled, so the solar accessories in your system are as safe to use now as they were when they were first built.

Freedom to grow

Whether it’s solar system installation or finding the perfect solar accessories, you can trust that FLEX (HMS Cable System) accessories are fully compatible with all HMS-series single-phase microinverters.

Expanding your solar system is a breeze – plug in more Hoymiles microinverters and add additional FLEX solar accessories. No hunting for compatible equipment or fiddling with extra wiring is required.

Sun, storms, and surges:
Built to handle it all

Every accessory in the FLEX series is designed to withstand high currents when your solar system is in use.

And all of them operate within a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. That’s enough to handle whatever the weather can throw at your solar system.

Plus, an industry-leading IP68* rating guarantees full protection against solid dirt or debris and water. So even a storm can’t take your system down.

*IP68 represents the highest level of resistance against dust and water. It means your device can’t be penetrated by dust and can be submerged in water.

Everything clicks into place

It’s simple: Connect the microinverter directly to the AC cable. Perfect for clever, compact residential systems like balcony installations.
Mix and match equipment to suit your installation. Ready-made for fast and cost-effective setup.