The most efficient way to tame solar energy

Make the maximal use of solar energy with Hoymiles microinverter


When it comes to solar, your panels are just part of the picture. Inverters turn raw energy into safe, usable electricity. But only microinverters give you the ultimate level of efficiency, precision, and performance.

With Hoymiles, you’ll get industry-leading microinverters with the lowest failure rates and premium components. So you can maximize your yield, eliminate wasted electricity, and accelerate your journey to open energy.

Efficient conversion guaranteed

Converting energy from DC to AC doesn’t have to create huge levels of waste. Our microinverters come backed by up to 96.7% CEC peak efficiency – so you can optimize your use of solar and get more from your installation.

Solar that starts when you do

With high start-up voltages, string inverters only work when the sun is shining strong. Microinverters start at very low voltages, so your production happens from sunrise to sunset for a yield that’s 1.5% higher.

Get always-on solar energy

Using traditional inverters, even one under-performing module can influence the size of your overall harvest. Microinverters realize the true potential of solar by giving you seamless, always-available performance. If one module fails or runs into issues, the rest of your system stays up and running at peak performance.

Optimal performance for every module

Whatever the size of your solar system, panels aren’t working in identical conditions. Only microinverters with outstanding module-level MPPT can adapt to these conditions, even as they change throughout the day. With Hoymiles, make sure every panel is performing at its best, increasing your power yield and reducing the time it takes to recoup your costs.

Change and grow without limits

Our vision is making solar energy accessible to all. That’s why we’ve designed our microinverters for unparalleled compatibility. Whether you’re creating your solar system or adding new modules and microinverters to scale up, we’ll make it simple.

Energy made effortless

Solar energy is your opportunity to take control of the power you make and use. And we’ll make that level of control simple and intuitive. With real-time monitoring, see how your system is performing and make changes, anywhere in the world. And get a 12-year warranty as standard and options to extend it to up to 25 years.

Solar Microinverter:Protect the things that matter most

With Hoymiles, take a proactive approach to safety thanks to intelligent monitoring wherever and whenever you need it.

Our microinverters are all built to deliver safety and stability you can count on. Unlike high-voltage string inverter systems, our solar microinverters operate on less than 60 V DC voltage, supported by 6,000 V surge protection and IP67 enclosure ratings.

And with cloud monitoring, you can spot the signs of a potential problem sooner. Hoymiles microinverters keep your property safe, 24/7.

6,000V Surge Protection

IP67 Enclosure Ratings

24/7 Property Safety

Find the right microinverter for you

Single phase
or three phase?

Typically, three-phase inverters are used in large systems above 10kW, while single phase is enough for a small home system under 10kW. This may also be affected by the requirements of local power authorities.

1-in-1, 2-in-1
or 4-in-1?

With our flexible design and range of microinverter products, you can connect to a single panel, two panels, or four panels, increasing output power.

Choosing microinverter power

The power rating of your microinverters should be matched to your panels to maximize production. We recommend a matching ratio of no more than 1.35 times your installed capacity.

Trust Hoymiles to keep you up and running

Our reputation for quality and reliability sets us apart. And our extensive warranty gives you complete peace of mind throughout the lifetime of your microinverters – whether that’s our standard 12-year coverage or extended warranty right up to 25 years.