Hoymiles MS Micro Storage Shines in Munich! Ushering in a New Era of 7-Second Installation for Balcony Solar Storage


 [Munich, June 20] – Hoymiles, a world-leading power electronics company well-versed in PV and energy storage and specializing in microinverters, debuts its new AC-coupled solar storage solution Micro Storage (MS), in Munich on June 18th. With the theme “Micro Storage, Max Simplicity” the launch event was attended by 140 partners, industry experts, and media representatives from Germany, France, and other countries, all witnessing the launch of this groundbreaking product.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome and opening speech by Dr. Yang Bo, CEO & Founder of Hoymiles.

Guy Rong, Vice President of Hoymiles, shared recent innovative developments of the company, including customized products and solutions tailored for different regions to meet local needs. He mentioned, “Since its establishment in 2012, Hoymiles has been dedicated to the development of microinverters. From 2021 onwards, our microinverter shipments have ranked second globally for three consecutive years. Hoymiles has been actively expanding into the European market since 2014, establishing a European headquarters in Frankfurt to provide localized products and services for our European customers. Today, Hoymiles is one of the top PV brands in Germany and the leading supplier of microinverters in the German balcony PV market.”

“But our journey doesn’t end here.” he continued. “Hoymiles is expanding from balcony PV to balcony storage. Today, we proudly introduce the world’s first AC-coupled micro storage product—MS Micro Storage.”

Unique Advantage 1: Install in 7 seconds flat

Currently, many micro storage or balcony solar storage products are difficult to install, users need to first disconnect the PV modules and microinverters, which is time-consuming and energy-draining. With Hoymiles MS Micro Storage, all customers need to do is unplug their microinverter, and connect Hoymiles MS between the microinverter and the power, completing the installation effortlessly in just 7 seconds. 

Unique Advantage 2: Works with 100% of microinverter brands

Hoymiles Micro Storage is the world’s first AC-coupled balcony storage solution. As a result, it’s compatible with 100% of microinverter brands. Other typical storage inverters are DC-coupled, which means the DC power inflow (from the PV modules) has to be matched to the MPPT algorithm of the microinverter. With Hoymiles MS, this is no longer an issue. For homeowners looking for an energy storage solution that works out of the box with their existing solar equipment, Hoymiles MS is the ideal answer.

Hoymiles MS Micro Storage Shines in Munich! 9

Unique Advantage 3: Off-Grid Mode

Hoymiles MS is one of the few solutions that allow off-grid mode, and can act as an emergency backup power in areas where grid electricity can be unreliable. If the grid goes down, customers can connect key loads to the off-grid port. An extra benefit is that MS can also serve as a Portable Power Supply. Users can bring it along for outdoor activities when needed.

Hoymiles MS comes equipped with a 2.24 kWh battery and a Time of Use (TOU) mode, allowing it to discharge during peak hours and charge during off-peak hours, significantly reducing electricity bills. MS is also the first micro storage product to receive TÜV Rheinland cybersecurity certification.

Feedback from German tech media and YouTubers on the Hoymiles MS Micro Storage was showcased at the event. They spoke highly of the 7-second installation advantage, noting that even non-professionals could easily complete it, saving significant time and effort. They also highlighted the 100% compatibility with all microinverters, which offers great convenience for users with existing balcony PV systems.

During the event, Hoymiles signed cooperation agreements with local partners including München Energieprodukte, Tepto GmbH, YUMA GmbH, and T&J Capital GmbH.

Chriskie Qiu, CEO of München Energieprodukte, delivered a speech as a representative of Hoymiles’ partners. She stated, “München Energieprodukte has been closely collaborating with Hoymiles since 2021. The MS Micro Storage product launched today features groundbreaking technological innovations and unique functionalities. I believe MS will meet the green energy needs of more users.”

About Hoymiles

Founded in 2012, Hoymiles is a global power electronics company well-versed in PV and energy storage and specializing in microinverters. With a vision of a clean, sustainable future, the company strives to drive innovation in the smart energy industry with its high-performance, accessible products. Hoymiles is empowering homeowners and professionals in more than 180 countries and regions to join the journey to true open energy.

For more information, please visit: https://www.hoymiles.com/