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Hoymiles was founded by Bo Yang and Yi Zhao, two power electronics majors at Zhejiang University, China’s tier-one institution for research. Hoymiles was created to deliver on that mission: to make good technology more impactful by lowering its cost and making it accessible to more people.

Yang Bo

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

With an extensive education in power electronics and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, Bo’s career has included developing innovative products, influencing the wider industry, and developing National Standards for inverters and microinverters. Bo was also honored with the second prize of The State Natural Science Award in 2016 – a recognition given to those who have made major scientific discoveries.

After being an Associate Professor at Zhejiang University, Bo founded Hoymiles. Today, he supports our team of driven engineers to design and develop new ways to increase conversion efficiency, amplify performance, and bring solar power to more people.

Zhao Yi

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

After securing a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and participating in key solar projects at a national level, Yi is considered a thought leader in R&D for power electronics applications. This includes over 30 SCI/EI papers.

At Hoymiles, he leads a highly qualified, highly capable team of engineers. He combines a passion for making solar energy more accessible with a diligent, precise approach and a rigor that informs how the entire R&D team works.

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