Wi-Fi integrated microinverter
The W Series microinverter. Seamless data collection for everyone

Built-in Wi-Fi. Built to last. For the first time ever, an industrial+grade Wi-Fi module meets a market-leading microinverter.

Seamless, reliable, consistent data transfer. Perfectly designed for smaller budgets and more compact solar power installations.

Our Wi-Fi module can take some serious heat

Most Wi-Fi modules start to malfunction at 85°C. But most microinverters can reach an internal temperature of up to 95°C – which is the perfect recipe for broken connections and lost data.

That’s why we built the first microinverter with a completely integrated industrial+grade Wi-Fi module that can handle the heat.

Up to 105°C of heat, to be exact. So both your microinverter and your data are protected.

Leakproof even in the worst of weathers

Most Wi-Fi integrated microinverters come with an external antenna that needs to be installed on site and glued in place – making your microinverter more vulnerable to weather damage, especially if it’s not installed properly.

Our Wi-Fi and antenna are integrated securely with our leakproof, watertight unit. So you can rest assured that you’re getting a product that will weather many a storm.

Connected and online all day, every day

Do you feel annoyed when the connection with your app or cloud monitoring platform just doesn’t hold up?

A more secure connection means effortless access to your data and your microinverter whenever you need it.

So it’s always easy to set and configure your microinverter on your phone or view your solar production details online – with no waiting around.

No more router compatibility troubles

The days of poor router compatibility are over with our microinverter with built-in Wi-Fi – we tested our product with mainstream routers and it works every time.

Endless compatibility with PV modules

The output power of our Wi-Fi integrated microinverter goes up to 2000 W, with an input current of 16 A. This makes it compatible with a huge range of PV modules, including the new 182/210 high power modules. Meaning you get the best return on your investment and the most energy out of your solar PV system.

Rapid shutdown for ultimate safety

Our microinverter eliminates high DC voltage, doing away with fire risk and remaining compliant with rapid shutdown requirements and the arc faults requirements. So you get the ultimate safety you’re after.

12-year warranty as standard

We provide a standard 12-year warranty to all our customers for the new Wi-Fi integrated microinverters.