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Featured in the video: HM-700, HME-1200, unboxing, product display

Language: English

Introduction: Through this video, you will not only get a basic understanding of the parameters and functions of Hoymiles DTU and microinverters, but also learn about the suitable environment to use the products so that you can determine whether they are the ones that you need.

Featured in the video: HMS-1800, solar system building

Language: Portuguese

Introduction: In this video, you will see a balcony solar system composed of eight panels and two microinverters. Pro. Rolando will show you the installation process and things to be noted when building a solar system.

Featured in the video: HM-600, DTU-Pro, meter, Installation, tutorial

Language: German

Introduction: From theory to practice, this video helps you understand how your microinverter and other components are connected in the system, and how a three-phase meter connects and functions with a solar installation.

Featured in the video: HM-600, unboxing, testing

Language: German

Introduction: This video shows the unboxing of a complete microinverter package. Meine Energiewende will walk you through everything about the product starting from the accessories and present his testing and results.

Featured in the video: HMS-800-4T, DTU-Pro-S, S-Miles-Cloud unboxing

Language: Portuguese

Introduction: In this video, you will go through the specs of HMS-1800 and learn about its performance in all aspects. You will also understand the role of the DTU and get an overview about how the Hoymiles S-Miles Could platform works.

Featured in the video: HMS-2000B, DTU-Lite-S Se, on -grid solar system, unboxing

Language: Portuguese

Introduction: In this video you will see the unboxing and professional review of microinverter HMS-2000B, as well as accessories and DTU-Lite-S Se for data gathering and system monitoring.

Featured in the video: HM-1500, microinverter unboxing Language: Indonesian

Introduction: This unboxing video walks you through the details of the Hoymiles HM-1500 microinverter. Coming with four input channels, the microinverter can connect to four PV modules. Click the link for more technical details.

Featured in the video: HMS1600, DTU-Pro-S, MPPT

Language: German

Introduction: In this video, you can see the appearance of HMS-1600 and DTU-Pro-S, how they are connected to the solar system, and have a preliminary understanding of what MPPT is.

Featured in the video: HMS-2000, DTU-Pro-S, balcony solar system

Language: Polish

Introduction: In this video, you will see a visualized layout of a PV solar system through a 3D model, get a clear understanding of how the accessories are connected with the microinverter, and have some basic knowledge of how a microinverter works and its advantages.

Featured in the video:  DTU-W100、S-Miles Cloud app 、Tutorial

Language: French

IntroductionIn this video, you will be guided through a detailed walkthrough of installing Hoymiles gateway products- DTU W100 model. Additionally, you’ll learn step-by-step instructions for setting up the monitoring app. This comprehensive tutorial provides an in-depth insight into both installation and configuration processes, ensuring you’re well-equipped to successfully implement Hoymiles gateway into your setup.

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