Hoymiles Pioneers Solar Solutions at Intersolar Europe 2024 with Game-changing Microinverter and Energy Storage Products


Munich, June 21, 2024 — The Intersolar Europe 2024 was held from June 19 to 21. Hoymiles, a world-leading power electronics company well-versed in PV and energy storage and specializing in microinverters, presented its latest product and technology innovations. The highlights include the world’s first AC-coupled balcony solar energy storage solution “Hoymiles Micro Storage” that was officially launched on June 18 and the game-changing 8-in-1 MiT super microinverter debuted on June 12. Visitors also got the chance to preview Hoymiles’ 4th-gen microinverter MiS to be released soon.

Hoymiles 2024 Intersolar Europe
Hoymiles Intersolar Europe 2024

World’s First AC-coupled Micro Storage to Energize Quick and Easy Solar Freedom for Small-scale Setups

Designed for small outdoor areas such as balcony and courtyard, Hoymiles Micro Storage (MS) aims to integrate energy storage to existing balcony solar installations and deliver true energy freedom to customers.

  • Install in 7 seconds flat:Currently, many micro storage or balcony solar storage products are difficult to install, users need to first disconnect the PV modules and microinverters, which is time-consuming and energy-draining. With Hoymiles MS Micro Storage, all customers need to do is unplug their microinverter, and connect Hoymiles MS between the microinverter and the power, completing the installation effortlessly in just 7 seconds.
  • Works with 100% of microinverter brands: Hoymiles Micro Storage is the world’s first AC-coupled balcony storage solution. As a result, it’s compatible with 100% of microinverter brands. Other typical storage inverters are DC-coupled, which means the DC power inflow (from the PV modules) has to be matched to the MPPT algorithm of the microinverter. With Hoymiles MS, this is no longer an issue. For homeowners looking for an energy storage solution that works out of the box with their existing solar equipment, Hoymiles MS is the ideal answer.
  • Off-Grid Mode:Hoymiles MS is one of the few solutions that allow off-grid mode, and can act as an emergency backup power in areas where grid electricity can be unreliable. If the grid goes down, customers can connect key loads to the off-grid port. An extra benefit is that MS can also serve as a Portable Power Supply. Users can bring it along for outdoor activities when needed.

Other features of the Hoymiles MS include 2.24 kWh battery and a Time of Use (TOU) mode, allowing it to discharge during peak hours and charge during off-peak hours, significantly reducing electricity bills. MS is also the first micro storage product to receive TÜV Rheinland cybersecurity certification.

Hoymiles super 5000 W microinverter MiT to promise unparalleled longevity

The newly-launched 8-in-1 super microinverter was also on display. The 5,000 W microinverter (MIT-5000-8T Series) is designed for industrial, commercial, and large residential projects. The Hoymiles MiT 8-in-1, 5,000 W microinverter is more powerful than anything on the market right now and has massive potential for anyone looking to build a large-scale solar system.

  • No replacement in 25 years: Hoymiles guarantees that the new super microinverter will require no replacement for 25 years– a major step forward, with most traditional inverters right now needing replacing at least every 10 years. This delivers significant savings for customers.
  • Safety is the top priority: Each input of the microinverter supports two PV modules connected in series, which is suitable for applications with safe DC voltage below 120 V. This eliminates the number-one cause of fire in PV systems: DC high-voltage arcing.
  • Making full use of your roof: Hoymiles MiT can be installed on virtually any roof, with no need to worry about less-than-ideal conditions affecting the performance of the array.
  • Better ROI promised: Hoymiles MiT has four MPPTsthat ensure each PV module generates the optimum output. The minimum MPPT voltage is as low as 12V, so the microinverter is up and running sooner and can work in dim light. Users get less downtime and more hours generating useful power, and ultimately, better ROI.
Hoymiles 5,000 W microinverter (MIT-5000-8T Series)
Hoymiles MiT 8-in-1, 5,000 W microinverter

Preview of the upcoming 4th-gen microinverter MiS

Hoymiles is going to release the 4th generation of microinverter MiS. The new microinverter is set to bring next-level performance and savings – best ever in Hoymiles portfolio. The product attracted much attention from visitors who were impressed by the excellent performance on every aspect.

Stay tuned for more information when MiS is officially launched.

On-going green innovative effort to deliver open energy for all

In addition to the three new products, Hoymiles also presented its classic microinverter and energy storage products.

The three-day event highlighted Hoymiles’ continued commitment to innovation and leadership in the solar energy industry, as the company now covers residential, C&I, and grid-scale solar projects.

As a global leader in solar technology, Hoymiles continuoHOusly build on its strengths and achievements to advance efficiency and reliability. Through significant investments in R&D, cutting-edge technologies, and rigorous quality control, Hoymiles ensures its products achieve exceptional performance, supporting sustainable energy transitions worldwide. Our goal: Delivering open energy for all.

2024 Hoymiles in Intersolar Europe
2024 Hoymiles in Intersolar Europe showing microinverters
2024 Hoymiles in Intersolar Europe 3

About Hoymiles

Founded in 2012, Hoymiles is a global MLPE (Module-Level Power Electronics) solution provider, specializing in module-level microinverters, storage systems and rapid shutdown systems. With a vision of a clean, sustainable future, the company strives to drive innovation in the smart energy industry with its high-performance, accessible products.

With a driven engineering team, 1300+ global experts, and a distribution and service network spanning North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, Hoymiles is empowering homeowners and professionals in more than 180 countries and regions to join the journey to true open energy.