Hoymiles Boosts Strategic Partnership with VDH Solar in the Netherlands to Drive Advanced Solar Solutions


Amsterdam, The Netherlands – March 20, 2024 – Hoymiles, a world-leading power electronics company well-versed in PV and energy storage and specializing in microinverters, and VDH Solar, a top PV inverter distributor in the Netherlands, have announced a significant partnership agreement that was signed during Solar Solutions International at Greater Amsterdam on March 19th. This strategic collaboration between two industry leaders promises to reshape the distributed photovoltaic market in the country and Europe by delivering advanced solar energy solutions.

VDH Solar ranks among the top five PV distributors in the Netherlands with a respectable hold in the market. Their strong network and deep understanding of local needs make them an ideal partner for Hoymiles.

The collaboration will leverage VDH Solar’s extensive distribution network and Hoymiles’ innovative technology to accelerate the adoption of more efficient and safer solar products across the Netherlands and Europe. Both parties are set to elevate standards in sustainable energy while enhancing customer value through this partnership.

Hoymiles signing ceremony-handshake

“The fusion of our expertise with VDH Solar’s reach has enormous potential”, stated Hoymiles Deputy General Manager Rong Gang. “We look forward to delivering higher efficiency and safer microinverters in the Netherlands. This synergy will not only boost Hoymiles’ presence in the region, but also inspire us to further push technological boundaries to better meet local demands.”

Jurgen Hoogeveen, CEO of VDH Solar also expressed his enthusiasm about this new venture during the signing ceremony. “We’re thrilled to choose Hoymiles as our partner,” he said in recognizing Hoymiles’ time-honored expertise in microinverter. “We expect that this distribution agreement will be a start for us to nurture a healthy long-term cooperation that will see steady growth in the future.”

Recognized as the No.2 microinverter supplier globally for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2202 by S&P Global, Hoymiles has always committed to revolutionizing solar tech and improving product design to deliver the utmost cost-effectiveness and performance to customers. In 2023, the company launched the brand-new Wi-Fi integrated microinverter solution in Europe. When paired with the super flexible FLEX accessories, the new microinverters stand as an ideal approach to balcony solar. The company also released energy storage solutions built to enhance energy independence for European users.

Hoymiles is missioned to become a leading partner for smart energy solutions. The successful collaboration with VDH Solar marks another impressive milestone in Hoymiles’ expansion in Europe. It will create more opportunities for both parties and instill new momentum in the PV industry there.

About Hoymiles

Founded in 2012, Hoymiles is a global power electronics company well-versed in PV and energy storage and specializing in microinverters. With a vision of a clean, sustainable future, the company strives to drive innovation in the smart energy industry with its high-performance, accessible products. Hoymiles is empowering homeowners and professionals in more than 140 countries and regions to join the journey to true open energy.

About VDH Solar

As one of the top distributors in the Netherlands, VDH Solar has established itself as a key player in the local market. With its extensive network and deep understanding of customer needs, VDH Solar is uniquely positioned to bring cutting-edge solar solutions to Dutch consumers.