Build your solar ecosystem with reliable,
rugged technology

High-performing products create the best solar system

Hoymiles is a professional supplier of photovoltaic inverters. You can also find microinverters, hybrid inverters, DTU(data transfer units), RSD (rapid shutdown device), and more to maximize your photovoltaic panels’ performance in the following parts.


Hoymiles Microinverters turn solar energy into usable electricity in an efficient and high-performance way.

Energy Storage

Hoymiles Energy Storage always makes your solar power steady


Hoymiles data transfer units (DTUs) take data from photovoltaic inverters and realize your easier solar system management.


Hoymiles rapid shutdown device (HRSD) helps reduce voltages to safe levels rapidly when your solar system power cuts off.

S-Miles Cloud

Hoymiles S-Miles Cloud is a monitoring platform for managing your photovoltaic inverter installation.


Cable accessories fit for all microinverter series.