The super microinverter has arrived.

First ever 5,000 W output.

The Hoymiles MiT super microinverter is designed to excel at scale.

With 5,000 W of power – more than any other microinverter – it sets a new standard for industrial, commercial, and large residential projects.

And with a 25-year replacement-free durability, the microinverter is way more cost-efficient than most mainstream inverters, which usually last just 10 years.

Peace of mind: No need to replace for 25 years

Most mainstream inverters have to be replaced every 10 years. At least. And if the model you bought a decade ago is no longer available? You’re facing a whole new set of problems.

But a Hoymiles super microinverter is guaranteed with an industry-leading warranty as high as 25 years.

Saving you time, trouble, and money.

Designed to be safer

Each input of the microinverter supports two PV modules connected in series, which is suitable for applications with safe DC voltage below 120 V/140V, depending on the version of MiT chosen for your project.

It was specifically designed that way to eliminate the number-one cause of fire risk: DC high-voltage arcing.

With safety built in, you have one less big thing to worry about.

Power from virtually any roof

There are very few perfect roofs. Most have multiple orientations or areas in shadow.

This causes problems for traditional inverters because even a small shadow area can have a big impact on a series circuit, affecting the output of the entire string.

With the Hoymiles MiT microinverter, this so-called “barrel effect” is no longer an issue, so you can install on roofs where conditions are far from perfect, without power generation being compromised.

Stable, efficient power for longer

The Hoymiles 8-in-1 MiT microinverter enables you to generate the maximum power from your solar array, with four MPPTs (maximum power point trackers) that ensure each PV module provides the optimal output.

The Hoymiles MiT microinverter has a low start-up voltage (32 V). Earlier start-up means less wasted downtime and more hours spent generating useful power.

The Hoymiles super microinverter can perform in all possible conditions, from -40℃ to 65℃.

It’s built tough, with industrial-grade IP67 protection against rain, snow, wind, dirt, and dust.