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Solar on villa: Hit the sweet spot between aesthetic and efficiency


Solar on villa: Hit the sweet spot between aesthetic and efficiency

Type Region Products Size
Residential Bali, Indonesia MI-1500, MI-700 13.2 kW

“Hoymiles microinverters allowed us to design the ideal project by putting panels on various orientations that wouldn’t be have been possible with conventional string inverters.” 

—Installer Inecosolar


Vini Vidi Vici is a villa in the picturesque Bali. It has everything you can think of in a vacation villa: gym, cinema, swimming pool – you can also think of how much energy it consumes every day. To cut back on energy costs and reduce carbon footprint, the owner decided to go solar and turn the villa into a green property.

With 4.2h of average peak sun hours per day, this project will pay back in a bit more than five years.

MLPE tech for utmost flexibility on the roof

Among factors that affect the power harvest of a solar installation, the tilt and orientation of the roof as well as shading can be big challenges for any roof-mounted system.

A rule of thumb is solar panels should always face the sun to maintain the output – south in the Northern Hemisphere and north in the Southern Hemisphere. Shading can happen if the property has trees or other higher buildings around. With traditional string inverters that only have one MPPT (maximum power point tracking), the roof cannot be fully utilized and shading of one panel would affect the performance of the whole system because the solar harvest depends on the lowest performing panel.

But with Hoymiles’ module-level power electronics technology, or MLPE, each panel is tracked and monitored independently, so you don’t need to worry about any compromised performance due to different roof orientations and shading.

You can have it both ways

In some cases, converting a building to one that runs on solar can mean some compromise on the aesthetic beauty. Hoymiles microinverters just offer that sweet spot between aesthetic and efficiency. The four-channel MI-1500 microinverter and the two-channel MI-700 can be connected to four and two solar panels respectively, so you can always make your own calculation and determine how you want to design your own system. With this highly-flexible module-level technology, you can select parts that have the greatest power generation potential and low visual impact. That’s it, you can have it both ways with Hoymiles.

Want to cut energy bills and run your property on solar? Talk to our experts and see how you can find the sweet spot between aesthetic and efficiency now.

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