Transforming auto-making ecosystem into green initiative

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Commercial Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia HM-1500 96 kW

“We are excited that our partner Solaroo stood out from all the competitors and successfully built a partnership with the well-known Malaysian automobile corporation Proton to promote solar PV systems within the ecosystem of the automaker. With this strategic partnership in place, we will see more Hoymiles microinverter systems deployed at car dealers, service centers, showrooms, and more.” 

— Hoymiles APAC Sales Team


Proton, a Malaysian national automaker, has decided to join the solar journey and push car manufacturing toward a low-carbon and sustainable future. One of its green projects is the Harima Automobile 4S store powered by Hoymiles microinverters. The project capacity is 96 kW and is capable of generating 125,280 kWh per year. A total of 48 HM-1500 microinverters were used for 192 pieces of solar panels.

The HM-1500 is a 4-in-1 microinverter that has four inputs, so one unit can be connected to four PV modules, saving much upfront cost. Such flexible design is ideal for both residential and commercial projects, even when your rooftop is complex and has different orientations. Furthermore, microinverters operate on each module instead of working on a whole string of modules as with traditional string inverters. This maximizes the power production of each solar module and eliminates fire risks (learn more about why microinverter is a better choice here). Our online monitoring platform gives you access to how each of your solar modules performs and allows you to proactively diagnose and deal with any potential problems.

You can customize the PV array layout and check how each module is performing
You can check how each PV module is performing
The monitoring platform gives you granular data on each microinverter

More importantly, the designed life span of more than 30 years represents the industry-leading tech capacity and makes Hoymiles’ microinverter an incredibly reliable choice. The up to 25 years warranty gives you complete peace of mind throughout the lifetime of your microinverters.

Malaysia is giving more emphasis on the PV industry to fully tap the rich solar resource and meet the rising energy demand. Hoymiles, with its time-honored solar expertise and smart solar solutions, is also actively taking part in this growing market. In November 2022, the company was awarded the Excellence Solar Microinverter of the Year 2022 at the Solar & Energy Storage Future Malaysia which took place in Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks to our installer partner Solaroo Malaysia, we will be able to see more local solar projects running on Hoymiles microinverters, slashing energy bills and cutting carbon footprints.

Want to be a sustainability leader with the help of solar? Talk to our experts and see how we deliver the best solution to you now.

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