Solar on the wall: Producing and storing energy for home

Type Region Products Size
Residential Germany HM-1500 + HM-400 microinverter
HYS3.0LV-EUG1 hybrid inverter
2 kW

This Hoymiles microinverter + hybrid inverter system is going to help the homeowner run largely on solar, with only little demand from the grid.

Rather than placed on rooftops or the ground as we usually know, the solar panels are hung on the wall at this residential property in Germany. This is a latest PV project finished by our partner Privat.

Now stably generating green power for this property, the solar system is expected to produce nearly 3,000 kWh of electricity per year. That translates to a reduction of approximately 1,600 in annual energy costs.

Flexible microinverters in place

                                                                                     Solar panels and Hoymiles microinverters are fixed on the property’s wall

Thanks to the flexible and cost-effective design, the homeowner only needs two microinverters to power a total of five PV modules instead of having five microinverters for each individual module. The microinverters used in this project are HM-1500 and HM-400 which can be connected to four and two PV modules respectively (what we call 4-in-1 and 2-in-1). Moreover, the modular nature of microinverters also future-proof energy usage if users want to grow their solar capacity to accommodate higher energy consumption. In this project, the owner can either add a sixth module to the system or buy more modules and microinverters when the system needs to be expanded.

Robust microinverters for stable performance

Oftentimes microinverters are installed beneath the solar panels and require no additional space. In this project, Hoymiles’ compact and lightweight microinverters were fixed on the wall as with the solar panels. But don’t worry about rain and dust because Hoymiles microinverters are all IP67-rated and guarantee stable operation even in the harshest environmental conditions.

Hybrid inverter for power backup and energy independence

                                                                   Hoymiles single-phase hybrid inverter HYS3.0LV-EUG1 enables power backup for the home

The installer Privat took the system to the next level by integrating Hoymiles hybrid inverter for power backup in the project. As you may know, solar inverters convert the DC current produced by solar panels to AC current that is consumed by almost all home appliances. By contrast, hybrid inverters have an additional ability to convert AC power back to DC so that surplus energy produced by your PV can be stored in the battery (as the battery stores DC power). This power backup saves more electricity costs and enables greater energy independence.

The hybrid inverter used in this project is the single-phase HYS3.0LV-EUG1. It has an output power of 3 kW and is widely compatible with various solar panels and batteries. Its UPS level switching time of less than 10 ms means that the switch between on-grid and off-grid mode is literally seamless, ensuring you complete peace of mind in case of power outages.

Whatever the installation settings are, rooftop, carport, balcony, ground, or like this one, on the wall, Hoymiles microinverters can always fit into place and help with every sustainability initiative.