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Getting a 100kW Solar Project Done in 3 Days in Australia

Getting a 100kW Solar Project Done in 3 Days in Australia

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Commercial Canberra, Australia HME-1200 100 kW

A large commercial solar project can be complicated, but it can also be super easy, given thorough preparation, professional installation team, good weather, and most importantly, microinverters that are smart and feature all AC design like Hoymiles’. That is what our first 100kW project in Australia is like – a project that is completed in a stunning period of just three days by our local partner The Capital Solar.


What’s unique about this project is that the premise to be converted has a curved roof—with a radian rather than a flat one, plus the roof is shaded at one corner. In such case, modules on the roof can have different angels and face different directions. In other words, there would be multiple maximum power points, or MPP, meaning that each panel should be individually tracked to make sure that it is generating power at the maximum. If you choose a string inverter, the power output of a string would be dragged down to the lowest performing module (check this blog for more details on what’s different about different types of inverters). As a result, the ideal solution comes to microinverter.

Hoymiles microinverters installed on mounting brackets


As a smart energy solution provider, we at Hoymiles always prioritize flexible design so that users can have more room to adapt our products to their installation. In this commercial project in question, 60 pieces of high-powered HME-1200 microinverters are used for 240 pieces of 390W half-cell modules. You may have noticed the trick here: instead of having 240 microinverters for each module as with traditional and most widely-known microinverter type, there are only 60 of them in the whole installation.  

The key lies in our innovative 4-in-1 design which integrates four connections (4 MPPTs) in one microinverter, making it possible to convert sunlight captured by each panel individually and track the maximum power point independently.

Hoymiles 4-in-1 microinverter, each with four connections

The result would be, as you can imagine, reducing installation time substantially and the overall costs. In fact, compared with similar module-level power electronics solution (or MLPE for short), Hoymiles design helps to save 40-50% of the costs, without lessening the overall efficiency of course.


Hoymiles always focuses on making things easier for users and installers. Our plug-and-play design makes solar installation frictionless for anyone who are aiming for it.

The module-level monitoring also enables super-easy access to power generation status and simplifies maintenance. On our online monitoring platform S-Miles Cloud, everything is just one tap away.

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