Harnessing solar for Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Type Region Products Size
Agriculture Missouri,USA $35,000/year 281 kW

When the Shanghai Chongming Island Wisdom Valley Project needed to harness the power of clean energy as part of an integrated rooftop installation, Hoymiles partner Helios Power was the perfect choice.

A safe, low voltage system

Helios Power provides Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), where solar panels can be used instead of a conventional rooftop. As a result, clean energy can be integrated into new buildings without disrupting architecture.
Hoymiles’ low voltage, high-efficiency microinverters were the ideal fit for this discreet, integrated installation, offering easy operation and maintenance. With our support, Helios Power was able to deliver a safe, efficient, waterproof and fireproof installation and an electricity-generating roof that would perform for years to come.

Integrating solar to reduce costs and create seamless buildings

BIPV uses solar panels to replace conventional building materials, making clean energy an integrated part of architecture and construction. From the roof of Apple’s HQ in California to King’s Cross Station in London, these integrated photovoltaics help to reduce the cost of materials while future proofing buildings to work sustainably.
For the Shanghai Chongming Island Wisdom Valley Project, we provided resilient, reliable components to support the solar rooftop, while Helios Power offered the specialist installation expertise it took to bring this ambitious project to life.