You are currently viewing Heading Towards the Future – Release of Our New Logo and Brand Video

Heading Towards the Future – Release of Our New Logo and Brand Video


Heading Towards the Future Release of Our New Logo and Brand Video

We are excited and proud to release our new logo along with our brand video. Originating from 2012, Hoymiles has been growing fast, each step firm and steady. After a decade of continuous and stable development, our service network spans North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Now we feel it’s time to take our business to a new height.

Overall, we hope the design and colors to give a smart and impactful impression, so that the logo can embody our confidence, reliability, and forward-thinking mindset. The ring resembles the rising sun and sunlight, which speaks to our identity as a growing but competent player in the PV industry. Being young means full of hope and potential – it’s true for Hoymiles and also the solar industry as a whole. Just like a sketch waiting to be painted, we see a colorful and bright future ahead of us. The green color represents the clean solar energy as well as vigor and vibrancy.

The specially-designed font of our brand name features curves outside and squares inside. The square shows the industrial attitude while the curve adds a softer intangible human side to our identity. This just depicts what our company and our driven engineers are like: meticulous and rigorous in product design and innovation, but at the same time friendly, helpful and responsive to our customers and anyone in need of us. We are tech-savvy, but it doesn’t mean we can’t be understanding, considerate, and mostly warm, just like the sun shining in the sky.

We have always been guided by our mission: transforming untamed natural power to accessible energy to all. With the brand-new look, Hoymiles will continue to honor our commitment and make open energy for all. Join hands with Hoymiles and let’s make a difference with each small step on the ongoing journey towards a brighter future.

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