Hoymiles Launches New Rapid Shutdown Solution 

Hoymiles launched its latest module-level Rapid Shutdown (RSD) solution for roof-mounted string photovoltaic systems on May 23th. Comprising HRSD-1C, HRSD-2C and Transmitters, the ultra-safe and dependable solution is now available in North America, Southeast Asia, and the Greater China region.

Our module-level shutdown devices are designed to be connected with one or two modules. When installed with and receiving a “permission to operate” signal from Hoymiles Transmitter, HRSD starts proper operation of the PV system. In case of emergency, the PV system would enter module-level rapid shutdown mode by simply disconnecting the AC power of the Transmitter or using an external initiator, bringing your PV system to safety in 30s. Our HRSD supports an input operating voltage range from 8V to 80V, and is compatible with almost any PV modules.

Safety is the premise of any successful solar journey. Hoymile HRSD will ensure the safety of our customers and first responders 24/7. Our HRSD product line will see new members with module-level monitoring function soon.

Highlights of our HRSD system  

●  Rapid Shutdown
Voltage lower than 80V within 30s within 1ft of the PV array
Voltage lower than 30V within 30s outside 1ft of the PV array
●  Strictly compliant
NEC 2017/2020
SunSpec certified
●  Wide adaptability
Operating within -40 to +85℃
●  Streamlined installation
Plug & play, no configuration required
●  Cost-effective and efficient
One or two inputs available
Lower minimum start-up voltage of 8V
●  High Efficiency
Lower power consumption and wider operating voltage range
●  PLC communication
Realize rapid shutdown with Transmitter
●  Lower Noise
Much lower than arc noise
No risk of triggering Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)Support connectivity with inverters from every leading manufacturer
●  Endless compatibility
Support connectivity with inverters from every leading manufacturer
●  25 years warranty available

To learn more of our HRSD system, please visit Rapid-Shutdown – Hoymiles.