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Making a difference in roof and ground installations in North America

Making a difference in roof and ground installations in North America


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Two recent projects in the USA and Canada have showcased the difference that Hoymiles technology can make to small and medium-sized businesses – and the environment. Not just in North America, but in the wider world.

SKYLIT 94.3kW – the largest commercial renewable energy retrofit in Nova Scotia

The largest commercial renewable energy retrofit in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia was officially connected in June 2020. To deliver it, Hoymiles partnered with SKYLIT, Nova Scotia’s only solar PV projects development company.
The 94.3kW commercial energy installation is at the Old Orchard Inn Hotel and Convention Centre in Wolfville. Featuring Hoymiles MI series microinverters, the system was designed with high electricity generation but low maintenance in mind. The Hoymiles high conversion efficiency microinverters will help provide clean, renewable energy to the hotel and convention centre, while feeding excess green energy into the local grid.
Hoymiles worked with SKYLIT and LG Electronics to put together the best package at the most competitive price. The entire system was installed on the south-facing roof in just a month. For maximum efficiency, a power limiting function limits the maxim output of each panel to 242W.
The project comes with a 25-year warranty, but it’s estimated that it will keep working for well over 30 years. At present electricity prices, it will have paid for itself in just eight years, meaning that it represents decades of earning potential for the owners.

Red Barn 281kW– ground power in an agricultural setting

Moving on to the USA, we worked in conjunction with Red Barn Solar in Missouri to deliver a 281kW system that saves $35,000 a year on electricity.
The owner is a farmer with 10 meat chicken facilities in central Missouri. We supplied four meters to go with the four separate systems that were installed: two 98.8 kW solar systems, each connected to four of the chicken barns, a 60.8 kW system connected to the other two chicken barns, and a 22.8 kW system connected to an office, home and side business.
There’s a 25-year warranty on the system, and based on the current kWh price, the system will have paid for itself after 3.7 years. Which means that, assuming similar prices going forward, they’ll be generating a profit of $35,000 a year.

Economic and environmental sense

As well as being lucrative income sources for their respective owners, these initiatives are also the right approach in terms of the environment. As the global Covid-19 crisis highlights the need for action on climate change, projects such as these constitute part of the green recovery.
Small and medium-sized enterprises like these examples in Canada and the USA actually make up 90% of global businesses and 50% of employment worldwide. So the potential for solar installations – and associated Hoymiles technology – to become a lucrative additional revenue stream for many enterprises is massive.

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