Why Attend?

Product launch

> Upgraded cable system: save 70% installation time
> 4-in-1 three-phase microinverters: 1600/1800/2000 VA output power for higher yields

> Industry insights from Hoymiles R&D team
Fun activicites

> Free snacks
> Chance to win DJI drone and other gifts

New releases to check out

Our new HMS Cable System cuts installation time by 70%! Designed for both multi-microinverter and single-microinverter PV systems, this plug-and-play solution simplifies installation and reduces costs.

Stay tuned for more updates!
We are excited to launch a new line of 4-in-1 three-phase microinverters, which come with three power options of 1600 VA, 1800 VA and 2000 VA, making them ideal choices for commercial and industrial applications.

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