Pro Sol: Residential solar system installed in
one of Brazil’s sunniest regions

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Residential Varjota, Brazil HM-1500 microinverters 6 kW

In Varjota, north-east Brazil, a customer was looking to harness renewable energy for their residence and make crucial savings on their energy bill.

While Brazil typically experiences anywhere between 75-88 days of sunshine per year, Varjota sits within 800km of Natal, known as the “City of the Sun”, where the sun shines for more than 3,000 hours (125 days) of the year.

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This makes the surrounding area a perfect candidate for residential customers looking to use photovoltaic energy to power their homes.

With the customer’s residence perfectly situated for installing solar panels on the roof of their property, they began to look for photovoltaic solutions that would work for them.

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The customer opted for more reliable, rugged technology, choosing MLPE technology over traditional STRING technology to ensure that their solar system would be efficient and continue to work for them for years to come, regardless of the weather.

The customer approached Pro Sol – Serviços Elétricos LTDA, the installers of the solar system, for their advice.

With Hoymiles already gaining popularity in Brazil, the installers recommended the Hoymiles microinverter to install into the customer’s solar system. Four HM-1500 microinverters were then built into the system, allowing the customer to safely convert raw energy into usable electricity for their home more efficiently.

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Hoymiles HM-1500 microinverters installed under the solar panels

Installing Hoymiles microinverters proved to be a complete success for the customer. As well as an increase in energy production, generating 979.44 kWh per month, they also saved R$703.55 per month on their energy bills.

Visual display of how each solar panel is performing on Hoymiles S-Miles Cloud

By opting for a cost-effective, renewable solution through Hoymiles’ photovoltaic technology, the customer will continue to enjoy the long-term benefits of efficient energy production and lower energy bills for many years to come.