Investing in future: Electricity bills down with Hoymiles solar microinverter

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Residential Belo Horizonte, Brazil HM-1500 1.5 kW

“The client decided to have a solar system because he was tired of wasting money paying for utility bills, but the main thing he thought was: I want to invest in future.” 

—Installer Solar Costa

Making going solar simpler

No more high electricity bills. This is what this homeowner in Belo Horizonte, Brazil thinks. With favorable climate conditions and long sun hours, there is no reason not to tap into the free and potentially inexhaustible sunshine. Running on solar power is not daunting at all. With Hoymiles, everything is smooth and seamless.

Effortless installation

While solar panels are the most prominent feature of any solar setting, inverters hold the key to truly transforming the sunlight into usable energy. Hoymiles’ plug & play microinverters make everything super-easy from the onset. Simply plug the connectors together and you are well to go.

Furthermore, The HM-1500 used for this project is an innovative 4-in-1 microinverter that can be connected to four panels at once. The most apparent advantage of such design means that fewer inverters are needed for a certain number of panels. This significantly reduces time to install the whole setup. That’s it—pretty much everything is solved on the roof.

Shading no longer a problem

Shading is never a problem for microinverter systems because the DC power generated by each module is converted independently. Any underperformance due to shade or soiling of a module will not affect the normal working of other modules in the system. As said above, the HM-1500 microinverter installed on this property has four inputs and each microinverter can be connected to four PV modules, allowing detailed monitoring on each single module.

Super-easy maintenance

A direct benefit of independent monitoring of Hoymiles microinverter system is the super-easy maintenance—just log in to your S-Miles Cloud account and you’ll be able to check the power production of each module. This is also what the owner of this property feels most excited about. After all, nothing is more valuable than a satisfied customer.

Choosing Hoymiles as the favorite

For installers, collaborating with Hoymiles is frictionless. Having worked with other microinverter makers, Solar Costa always puts Hoymiles top on their partner list. The comfort, ease of installation and maintenance, especially the extremely low annual failure rate (0.18%) all make Hoymiles a reliable and trustworthy smart energy provider and partner.

If you are also considering investing in your future with solar power, talk to our experts and start your solar future now.