Helping a clinic’s solar system budget stretch further with Prodeco Energía Solar

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Commercial Durango, Mexico MI-1500 microinverters 91.14 kW

Mexican solar services company Prodeco Energía Solar is renowned for providing quality services and advice to its customers.

With Prodeco Energía Solar’s expert support, a wide range of Mexican homeowners and businesses have been able to reduce their non-renewable electricity consumption and their carbon footprint.

When the team were asked to help install a new solar system at a prominent diagnostic clinic in Durango, northwest Mexico, they were faced with a challenge. Space was at a premium, so the clinic needed Prodeco Energía Solar to find a microinverter solution that was space efficient too.

Like any hospital, the Durango clinic was eager to use its budget wisely. When it came to choosing a microinverter provider, they wanted a partner that would deliver outstanding performance and durability, without driving costs sky high.

Equally, it was vital that the hospital’s new solar system was entirely reliable; the clinic couldn’t afford faults or dips in their solar system’s performance that would interfere with their energy supply.

After combing the market for the best solution, Prodeco Energía Solar concluded that Hoymiles microinverters offered the best combined value and durability – and reached out to us to help them finish the project.

                                                               The clinic needed an affordable solar system that would fit into a small footprint but still deliver reliable power.

And we were there to provide our support, delivering 49 of our 4-in-1 MI-1500 microinverters to be installed along with the solar panels.


Designed for mainstream high-power solar modules, the Hoymiles MI-1500 series has a maximum output power of 1,500 W.

  • Connects to up to four solar panels at once
  • Module-level maintenance and management of solar panels
  • Monitor performance via S-Miles Cloud with 2.4G wireless communication

                                                                                         Hoymiles MI-1500 microinverters were the perfect solution to save space and give the clinic total control.

MI-1500 microinverters are 4-in-1 – meaning they can convert power from up to four solar panels at once. This made them the perfect space-saving option for the clinic, reducing the number of microinverters required for the solar array.

With a traditional inverter, solar panels must be installed in series – which means that if one solar panel malfunctions or starts producing less power, the power generation of the entire system drops. But with microinverters, each panel functions independently. The result is that, even if one panel malfunctions, the rest of the system will continue running at normal capacity.

This is crucial for applications like this one, where efficiency and reliability are essential.

Even better, the module-level maintenance and management offered by the MI-1500 series gives the clinic granular, detailed control over the performance of each of their solar panels.

Thanks to the 2.4G wireless-based data collection solution, insights from each microinverter are loaded directly into S-Miles Cloud, Hoymiles’ real-time solar monitoring system.

                                                                                 The S-Miles Cloud portal gave the clinic the insights it needed to optimize performance.

Here, users can log in to their portal to see visual data on the clinic’s energy production and usage, review in-depth analytics, or make adjustments to improve performance.

It’s easy for the clinic to identify any issues or make small adjustments that improve the output of their solar system. As a result, the clinic can proactively care for their system, planning maintenance and making adjustments to make sure their equipment runs better for longer.

And, most importantly, the clinic can maximize the ROI of their solar investment, creating savings that directly benefit the hospital and its patients.

Now that it has been installed, the system is being monitored daily to check that it is performing as expected, and to validate any alerts delivered by the S-Miles Cloud system.

                                                                        The clinic now has a durable, reliable solar system that is helping it reap the benefits of solar power.

Thanks to Hoymiles’ support, Prodeco Energía Solar was able to install the clinic’s solar system faster than expected. And they could work confidently, knowing they were providing the clinic with a system that would perform better for longer – and let them reap the rewards of switching to renewable energy.

Want to see how our reliable, efficient microinverters could benefit a solar system you’re building? Get in touch to find out what we can do for you or your clients.

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