Going 100% Renewable Solar Energy For Your Factory

Type Region Products Size
Commercial Karvala, Finland HM-1500 32 kW
Type Region Products Size
Commercial Jurva, Finland MI-1200 21.6 kW

How about using 100% solar energy for your factory? Hoymiles’ microinverters helped two factories in Finland to reach that goal, thanks to our local partner, a solar plant installer and solar solution provider.

The two manufacturers that adopted Hoymiles microinverters are VM-Carpet, a time-honored rug maker from Karvala and Hakola, a brand design furniture manufacturer from the small town of Jurva. They both embrace natural design and see the environment as the focal point in their business. That is why they decide to power their factories with electricity generated by the PV system.


For any installation, safety certainly comes to the top of the list. Microinverters are known for their safety when compared with other solutions, say, string inverters.

Both manufacturers choose microinverter because of its high fire safety. We know a PV system basically contains solar panels (modules) and inverter. A single module carries about 40 to 50 V. And if you connect 20–30 modules in a series, the DC voltage of the entire system can rise to as much as 1,000–1,500 V. Microinverters rest you assured because they are connected in parallel and each only carries a voltage of 40 V, significantly downgrading the safety risk in the first place.

Moreover, each module is independently monitored, so there is no single point of failure in a microinverter-equipped system. Such module-level monitoring makes it easy for you to keep on top of things and detect potential problems.


It’s worth noting that both factories used our 4-in-1 high-powered microinverters to meet their needs: VM-Carpet using 18 HM-1500s and Hakola using 18 MI-1200s, both having 72 pieces of PV modules.

What’s unique about our innovative 4-in-1 design is that one unit comes with four inputs, each connected with one solar panel which is also monitored independently (known as module-level monitoring). Such design means that instead of having multiple microinverters for each one of the solar panel, you can now substantially lower the costs by making every four panels sharing one microinverter – without reducing the overall performance, of course.

We have a carefully-prepared blog for you in case you are interested in how our 4-in-1 design is different from the regular 1-in-1 (one microinverter connected to one piece of panel). At Hoymiles, lowering costs and offering the most efficient solution for users is what we are constantly thinking about.


By adopting solar solutions, both companies are embracing a greener future without compromising their expenditure – solar stations would lower their electricity bill despite upfront installation costs. Moreover, depending on your local policy, you are expected to get incentive or subsidies for your installation. For these two commercial projects in question, our local partner got VM-Carpet 20% subsidies into the investment.

As the need to go solar is becoming more than ever urgent and as countries are making policies to encourage the move to go green, now is the best timing to make your own choice.