Getting Solar-powered Home Cooler in Summer

“Another family is happy for the savings on their electricity bill thanks to Hoymiles. They are now enjoying cooler summer while taking care of the environment.”

—Installer Australair

Two families are using Hoymiles microinverters to power their home and enjoying cooler summer thanks to our partners at Australair.

Installing solar on the terrace

Type Region Products Size
Residential Madrid, Spain HMT-2250 2.25 kW

This residential customer has a pool and looked to save on electricity bills and lead a more sustainable life. He has a terrace that gets a lot of sunshine, so he decided to make full use of this space with solar panels. The installer Australair carefully checked the premise and helped him to plan the system that is well-sized according to his home’s energy needs.

To get the best possible sunlight, the installer decided to attach the solar panels to the railings so that the panels are shaded as little as possible while not taking up the open space on the terrace. Though there are shades on occasion, the module-level MPPT (maximum power point tracking) of microinverters ensures that each solar panel operates independently and produces at its optimal level without affecting other panels. So even when part of a panel is shaded and the power production drops, other panels in the system can still work at their best.

The solar system on the terrace is using Hoymiles three-phase microinverter HMT-2250 in Madrid

The microinverter used in this project is our three-phase model HMT-2250. This model has a rated output power of 2250VA and can be applied in either 230 V or 400 V three-phase grid type. It comes with six input channels which can be connected to six solar panels. Furthermore, the model adopts the Sub-1G wireless solution, so its communication with Hoymiles gateway DTU is more stable, making data transmission more reliable and accurate despite obstacles such as walls and ceilings.

Enjoying cooler summer with electricity bills down

Type Region Products Size
Residential Madrid, Spain HMS-1500, HMS-800 2.3 kW
The home rooftop solar project using Hoymiles microinverters in Madrid has started to enjoy lower electricity bills and cooler summer.

The only thing to note is that to achieve the best solar yields, the installer separated the panels into four and two which were put on two orientations of the roof. But this is not a problem with microinverters since each solar panel operates on its own without affecting the others in the array. Moreover, the HMS microinverters used in this project come with independent MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Tracking), meaning that each panel produces power at its maximum power point. This maximizes the solar harvest of the whole system.

Specifically, the HMS-1500 microinverter used in this project comes with four input channels which are connected to four solar panels respectively (what we call the 4-in-1 design). The HMS-800 has two input channels (2-in-1) which link to two panels. Thanks to this flexible design, it was possible to split up the six panels deployed on the roof. With this compact design, users no longer need to install multiple microinverters for each panel and thus save more on up-front costs.

By installing this rooftop solar system, the family has already seen a decrease in their electricity bill. This can be especially helpful during the peak months of summer when the air conditioning is running nonstop.

All for a clean energy future

For years to come, they will see the solar system paying itself back. It’s clear that by adding solar to their home, the residential customers have taken huge steps to become more sustainable energy consumers. They saved money on their electricity bills, reduced their carbon footprint and most importantly, moved closer to a clean energy future.

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