Empowering communities: A one-man DIY solar success story in rural Spain

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Residential La Rioja, Spain HMS-2000 2 kW

The residential installation in Cihuri

Winning an “Excellence Award in Residential PV” in the Hoymiles 2023 Solar Project Contest, this DIY installation in a small Spanish village used a solution that scaled the solar system and slashed power spend all in one. Read on to find out how one resident in Cihuri did it all – and will get his return on investment in less than 7 years.

Their Story

Scalable energy for everyday needs

In the quiet village of Cihuri, nestled in La Rioja, Spain, resident Fernando Ortega embarked on a personal quest to embrace solar energy.

His journey started several years ago, when Ortega purchased a modest 150-watt solar panel and a small battery for powering the lights in his home.

Soon, Ortega wanted to incorporate bigger and better batteries, inverters, and microinverters into his solar system.

But as Ortega’s aspirations expanded, so did the complexity of the new components he would need.

After careful research, Ortega found himself in need of a solution that:

  • Could be built as a DIY solution
  • Didn’t require on-site technical support
  • Was capable of accommodating different panel orientations
  • Allowed a 4-in-1 setup for better energy efficiency

This challenge drove Ortega to seek out a 4-MPPT (maximum power point tracking) solution, which would allow him to connect up to four photovoltaic (PV) panels with the battery and grid.

Hoymiles residential case in Spain 2

Their Solution

Cut costs, soaring savings

Recognized for its reliability and cutting-edge technology, Hoymiles emerged as the natural choice for Ortega’s ambitious project. Ortega was impressed by Hoymiles’ reputation, support, and cloud service.

Ortega set to work with his installation of four solar panels and the Hoymiles HMS-2000 microinverter. This not only empowered him to generate his own power for the entire residence, but also allowed him to sell surplus energy back to the grid.

Selling energy back to the grid via a virtual battery company meant that Ortega’s power costs were reduced even further, and meant he paid almost nothing for power across the entire year.

Thanks to these incredible savings, Ortega expects a complete return on his investment within just six to seven years following the installation.

Their Success

Thanks to a DIY installation with no need for any on-site technical assistance, Fernando Ortega achieved near-zero energy expenses for an entire year – and will achieve a full ROI in just 6-7 years.

Safe, scalable, and sustainable solar solutions

The HMS-2000 microinverter included in this installation boasts an output power of up to 2,000 VA to ensure robust performance.

The microinverter’s 4-in-1 design not only speeds up installation but also reduces overall energy costs – meaning a faster and more cost-effective scale-up for residential solar systems. The independent MPPTs allow maximum output for solar panels facing different orientations.

The homeowner also benefited from the microinverter’s independent MPPT and monitoring capabilities, which guarantee more efficient energy harvesting while simplifying ongoing maintenance.

And thanks to its Reactive Power Control, the microinverter also complies with stringent industry standards, such as EN 50549-1:2019, VDE-AR-N 4105:2018, and VFR2019.

Ultimately, this low-cost solution means the resident saves almost 100% of his energy costs per year as a result of investing in the H

MS-2000 microinverter, with a complete ROI predicted in just six to seven years.

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