Eco-friendly elegance: Transforming a Thai household to slash energy bills

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Residential Bangkok, Thailand HMS-2000 19.3 kW

A residential project in Bangkok, Thailand presented unique requirements.

The household had multiple energy-consuming aspects including a swimming pool, a luxury fish pond, and numerous air conditioners, and the residents carried out a number of energy-intensive activities.

This energy-hungry home meant that the homeowners racked up a substantial electricity bill of 30,000 baht per month.

The challenge, therefore, wasn’t just installing an energy-efficient solar power system, but designing one that could cut down the high energy costs while fully integrating with the unique architectural design of the house.

To tackle this unique scenario, Comsys Solar leveraged its considerable knowledge and expertise and opted to use Hoymiles’ HMS-2000 microinverters.

Unlike most conventional inverters, the HMS-2000 model offers a flexible design that allows for quick installation. In addition, the microinverter’s robust technology ensures superior performance and strong durability, which reduces time spent on returns and repairs.

The solution incorporated the use of nine HMS-2000 microinverters along with 33 units of Q-Cell 585w PV modules, fitting perfectly within the home’s unique design while maximizing energy production.

Thailand solar system with Hoymiles microinverter

This careful planning and use of best-in-class technology led to an impressive reduction in the household’s electricity costs of about 12,000 baht per month . Additionally, the peace of mind provided by the 25-year extended warranty of Hoymiles microinverters allowed the homeowners to focus on their day-to-day lives and activities without worrying about energy production.

This project is a testament to Hoymiles’ commitment to helping installers grow their businesses. By offering reliable and flexible products, Hoymiles empowers installers like Comsys Solar to deliver high-quality, cost-effective solar solutions.

The success of this project underlines the potential of Hoymiles’ microinverters in residential solar projects, even those with complex architectural designs.

It demonstrates how innovative solar technology can optimize energy consumption, lower energy costs, and blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of a property. Check out the video below.

To find out how solar energy can help you with your long-term energy costs, reach out to Hoymiles today.

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