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Residential Canada HMS-2000-4T-NA microinverter 7.28 kW

Solar energy is growing in popularity, and it’s not just reserved for properties with standard roof pitching. While a steep roof can add a layer of complexity to any solar panel project, it doesn’t make it impossible.

Which is exactly what our partner A+ Solar Solutions discovered with their Whitticase project in Hampton, Canada.

The property owners were keen to invest in a solar PV system to make the most of the abundance of sunlight their roof is exposed to. They also wanted to become more self-sufficient and less vulnerable to electricity price hikes with access to free energy. In addition, they wanted to take a positive step toward reducing their carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable living environment.

The section of the roof in question is south-facing and free from tree shade. However, it has a 50-degree pitch, and the conventional degree range for the pitch of the truss lies between 24 and 47 degrees, placing this particular property just outside of the typical boundaries. As well as this, an incredibly high-efficiency system was needed to ensure that the panels would generate as much electricity as possible. A+ Solar Solutions needed to carefully consider how a high-performance solar panel system could be installed on the steep roof safely.

A roof pitch of 50 degrees is considered by some to be unsuitable for a solar panel system. But A+ Solar Solutions weren’t going to be dissuaded. Because there was so much direct sunlight, the property was an ideal candidate for solar panels – it would just take a little creative thinking as to how to make it happen.

They decided to use Hoymiles to help them tackle this challenge for their customer. Thanks to our 25-year warranty and unbeaten value for money, it was a no-brainer. The solution they decided to use was the Hoymiles HMS-2000-4T-NA microinverter. This new HMS-2000 series microinverter is perfect for high-powered solar panels that need to work hard to convert lots of energy on a daily basis thanks to their positioning in direct sunlight.

The Hoymiles HMS-2000-4T-NA is one of the highest-ranked 2-in-1 microinverters, able to connect up to four panels, with independent monitoring to optimize the power production of any installation. And with a maximum DC voltage of 65 V, it’s ideal for the Canadian climate (learn about how microinverters cope with cold weather here).

Thanks to Hoymiles and A+ Solar Solutions, Project Whitticase went ahead despite the initial concerns, and the property owners can now sit back and enjoy their solar-powered home.

At Hoymiles, safety and efficiency are our top priorities for both users and installers. Our solutions are designed to be safe and secure while also boosting energy production by up to 60%. Our 25-year warranty guarantees it.

Plus, our first US subsidiary opened on February 28th. Hoymiles USA is the hub for sales and technical support across North America, bringing local support right to your doorstep. With fast response times to queries and localized support, we’re always on hand to help.

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