COP28: Here’s how Hoymiles paves the way to a greener future

COP28: Here’s how Hoymiles paves the way to a greener future

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The 28th annual UN climate meeting is well underway. Hosted this year in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), COP28 started on November 30th and will run until December 12th, 2023.

The summit will see world leaders and industry pioneers discuss important global climate issues and green initiatives, with a particular focus on how to limit energy usage in preparation for the future.

Calls for making renewable energy more accessible are firm, and the general message is clear: a smooth energy transition is essential for keeping the overall global temperature as low as possible.

Hoymiles has been doing this from the very first day of its inception. We have made it our mission to create impactful solar technology that’s accessible to all.

‘Open Energy for All’ is the Hoymiles motto. To us, that means everyone should be able to harness the limitless sunshine, and live a greener and smarter life.

At the heart of Hoymiles innovations and investments is the objective to put clean, equitable energy in the hands of more people — regardless of financial conditions, technical backgrounds or living space.

In honor of COP28, let’s take a look at some of Hoymiles’ successes on the journey to a low-carbon future.

Hoymiles’ green efforts in numbers

●  In 2022, we delivered 1.16 million units of microinverters and were recognized as the world’s No. 2 microinverter supplier in shipment terms.
●  Our products have been installed in 140 + countries and regions.
●  Over 2400 GWh of solar power generation supported by inverters.
●  Total installed capacity of nearly supported by inverters 2.6 GW.
●  We reduced 2.4 million tons of carbon emission, which is equivalent to planting 10.9 million trees.

Hoymiles’ green efforts in numbers

COP28: Here’s how Hoymiles paves the way to a greener future

Industry-leading innovation

We took the lead to launch the industry-first plug-and-play cable accessories FLEX (HMS Cable System) to cut microinverter installation by 70%. The standard-setting innovation simplifies the installation process, improves flexibility, lowers costs, and makes building solar systems a more enjoyable experience. The modular connectors, terminals and cables have made solar installation a super-simple and fun experience – true no-brainer installation.


Decidedly technology led

In response to growing residential solar demand, we released our first Wi-Fi integrated microinverters DW series for Brazil and APAC and W series for Europe. The whole-new microinverters can directly communicate with either the phone or the monitoring platform without the need for the gateway DTU. This optimized solution perfectly fits with small home solar setups, cutting upfront costs and streamlining installation for homeowners while sticking to the top reliability standards.


Accessible solar for all

Our FLEX accessories and the W series of Wi-Fi integrated microinverters form an ideal system for balcony solar systems surging in Europe. For urban dwellers living in apartments, the 2-in-1 microinverter makes full use of the limited balcony space and harvests the city sunshine with no waste. Thanks to the ready-made AC cable, you simply insert the plug into a socket and your solar will start to generate power! Read our full guidebook to Hoymiles balcony solar solution. (German version also available).


Next-generation storage

To fully utilize solar power, Hoymiles introduced the next-generation energy storage inverters: HYS series and HAS series. Capable of converting DC power to AC and AC to DC, the inverters can get you ready for backup power and store excess power in your batteries. So you’ll no longer need to worry about power outages and take a step further toward energy independence!

Emission reduction and energy conservation

As a sustainability leader, Hoymiles works hard to ensure that we abide by clean production laws and standards, in order to minimize the environmental impact during the manufacturing process.

Solid waste production
Hoymiles conforms with the requirements set out in the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste and other recognized national standards. Hazardous wastes and general solid wastes produced during the manufacturing process and R&D are entrusted to qualified professional institutions for proper disposal.

Waste gas treatment
Waste gas mainly comes from welding dust during manufacturing. We collect any waste gas through the gas trap hood, which is then filtered through activated carbon to ensure industry-standard discharge from the exhaust pipe with a height of no less than the mandated 15m.

Wastewater disposal
Hoymiles has taken care to devise a production process that negates the need for industrial water usage. Domestic sewage is treated according to the national water disposal standard. The drainage system in our factories is divided into the correct segments and treated accordingly.

Noise reduction
The noise of the factory buildings mainly comes from fans, power distribution and water pump equipment. We put such equipment in a separate, sound-proofed room in the basement of our facilities, and we implement a host of noise reduction measures. We also constantly monitor the working environment in the factory and check occupational health to reduce the health hazards in the factory and the surrounding residential areas.

Paving the way for a new tomorrow

As COP28 takes place, we are reminded of the collective responsibility we share in shaping a sustainable future.

It has never been more important than it is now for individuals, small businesses and large corporations to make actionable changes to their facilities and operations in the pursuit of a greener tomorrow.

At Hoymiles, we stay true to our mission to make solar energy accessible for all, in line with the global efforts echoed at COP28.