Hoymiles Microinverter Accessory
HMS Plug and Play Cable
The Plug and Play Cable is designed for the situation where a PV system has only one microinverter. It consists of the HMS field connector, AC cable, and plug. The HMS field connector is connected to the microinverter, and the plug is connected to the household socket in accordance with local regulations. This simple plug-and-play design allows users to easily and quickly connect the single microinverter system to the grid
Plug and Play Cable
Rated voltage250VRated current 12A 
AC Plug standardCEE7/7Ambient temperature range-40℃~+85℃
Cable typePV07AC-FConductors Cross Sectional Area1.5mm²

●  RoHS

●  PPP 59015A:2013(Connector)

●  TÜV 2 PfG 1940(Cable)

●  VDE 0620(Plug)