HMS Trunk Connector
Used to connect the microinverter's AC output to the AC Trunk, as well as to join together multiple HMS Connection Cables to create the AC Trunk.
HMS Connection Cable
Make a customized AC Trunk by utilizing HMS Trunk Connectors and HMS Extension Connectors.
HMS Connector
Used to form the AC cable into an AC End Cable, which completes the connection between the end of the AC Trunk and the distribution box.
HMS Extension Connector
Used to extend your cable runs when the distance between two microinverters exceeds the standard length of an HMS Connection Cable
HMS Sealing Cap
sed to cover the unused connection port on the HMS Trunk Connector, which is typically located at the beginning of the AC Trunk.
HMS Disconnect Tool
A versatile tool that can be used to take apart connectors, tighten nuts, and loosen nuts.
Multi-Microinverter System
Rated voltage 300VMax. Current40A 
Ambient temperature range-40℃~+85℃Protection ratingIP68
Cable typeH07RN-FConductor size2.5mm²/4.0mm²/6.0mm²

●  RoHS

●  IEC 61984(Connector)

●  EN50525-2-21(Cable)


●  Datasheet

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