New HMS high-powered microinverter CE-marked in Euro

Hoymiles HMS 4-in-1 high-powered microinverter is now CE-marked after undergoing assessment tests. CE marking ensures ticket to the European market, as it indicates a product’s conformity of European rules and directives.

As our featured product, the 4-in-1 HMS microinverter has the highest output power in the microinverter industry. It is suitable for high-powered PV modules and can thus boost users’ return on investment.

With the successful CE certification, our HMS microinverter is now ready to go on the European market, which is expected to reinforce Hoymiles position as a reliable partner of smart energy solutions.

What’s unique about our new HMS series:

  • High-powered microinverter that can be used with high-powered PV modules
  • Sub-1G wireless solution allows stable communication under complex environmental conditions
  • Cost-effective choice for faster installation