Hoymiles MS Micro Storage Shines in Munich!

World’s first AC-coupled solar storage solution Micro Storage (MS)

Install in 7 seconds flat

With Hoymiles MS Micro Storage, all customers need to do is unplug their microinverter, and connect Hoymiles MS between the microinverter and the power, completing the installation effortlessly in just 7 seconds.

Off-grid and PPS:

Hoymiles MS can act as an emergency backup power in areas where grid electricity can be unreliable. It also serves as a Portable Power Supply so that users can bring it along for outdoor activities when needed.

Built-in battery for smarter energy use

Hoymiles MS comes equipped with a 2.24 kWh battery and a Time of Use (TOU) mode, significantly reducing electricity bills.

Energy value maximized

Customers can monitor in real-time how much power is being generated.