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Contributing microinverters for poverty alleviation

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Contributing microinverters for poverty alleviation


In a changing economic landscape, low-income farmers and weak-economical villages are unable to adopt clean energy. In many cases, this creates unnecessary energy costs, making it even more difficult to develop and move out of poverty.

A government-driven initiative

As part of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the Zhejiang government undertook a comprehensive program to support these low-income groups. The ‘PV Well-Off Project’ was developed to promote clean energy and make solar accessible to more people – a natural fit for our vision of equitable energy.

Contributing our rugged technology

In November 2019, we contributed a microinverter for a 210kW solar power system, demonstrating the benefits of solar to village homeowners. We also provided a 25-year warranty to ensure that the system remains a source of inspiration for years to come.
Our contribution not only helped farmers reduce the cost of energy, but will also show future generations the importance of clean energy and help protect the environment that local villagers live in.