Hoymiles HME Series Microinverter CEC-listed in Australia

Hoymiles HME series of microinverters are now listed under AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 in Australia and are on the Clean Energy Council-approved list of compliant inverters. It means that installing Hoymiles microinverters in solar systems will qualify you for the Australian clean energy incentives, also known as Small-scale Technology Certificate.

What’s unique about our HME series

  • 1200VA and 1500VA output power
  • Supporting 4 PV modules at once for better cost-effectiveness
  • Commonly used module power from 240W to 505W+
  • IP67 (NEMA6) enclosure rating
  • Grid protection relay integrated

As the world is shifting from fossil fuels to clean energy, we are excited to see the faster deployment of solar systems around the world and the global presence of our microinverters. Hoymiles feels honored to be a dependable partner for you as we move together towards the goal of energy independence and a greener future.