What Hoymiles members say


As our team is in charge of the Latin American region, there is a time difference of over 10 hours between the local time and Beijing time. To get a new customer, our salespersons often need to write emails, have discussions, or attend online meetings even until 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning. This is not a temporary thing. Rather, we have to get used to it and show perseverance to achieve our goals, which can be no easy job.

(Leo Zhu – Sales Director, Latin America)


In China, more often than not, many companies compete for one project. I still remember a project in Xi’an. At that time, the project leader had already signed a contract with another company. In this case, most salespersons would give up. However, we believed that Hoymiles aimed at providing desirable solutions for the customer. Even if we might not cooperate in this project, we could still create more value for the customer in other future projects. At last, we convinced the customer with our sincerity and products. The project leader signed a new contract with us and finally chose our products.

(Zhang Junqiang – General Manager of the Domestic Marketing Center)


At the end of that year, many front-line workers left their jobs and went home when Hoymiles was about to go public. Since it was the low season for recruiting at that time, social recruiting could be hard, which caused a severe shortage of workforce for Hoymiles. To ensure normal production, our department was under great pressure. As a freshman who was not very familiar with the environment of the company, I started to feel anxious and worried about whether we could complete this urgent task to help Hoymiles go through the difficult period. We had to brainstorm ideas and work hard to accomplish that mission. Apart from applying traditional methods such as recruiting online and from the labor market, we also tried as many other methods as we could think of. During those cold winter days in November and December, we rode electric bicycles and visited all the communities and villages around the company. Recruiting posters of Hoymiles were put up on the notice boards of all the communities, as well as in the lifts, charging piles, and basements. Although we were often stopped by the security guards during on-ground marketing, our full-width advertising strategy proved to be very effective, and we recruited over 45 people at last!

(Chen Yanyan – HRBP)


At that time, the company was still at “the bathhouse of Zhejiang University”. We were busy conducting R&D, doing experiments, and debugging programs every day. It is common for us to work until midnight before going back to sleep. But everyone enjoyed that period and never complained. Later, I once worked in the Production Department on the night shift. I also used to work in the after-sales team, or went to bleak suburban areas for equipment installation and commissioning. Never before had I thought that I could do such work. At that time, Hoymiles was still a small company in its start-up period. All of us held the view that we could work anywhere as long as the company needed.

(Li Weichen – Director of the Quality Center & Dean of the College of Technology)


In 2015, our project on household PV power generation was widely promoted in Quzhou, Zhejiang. I can clearly remember that, on December 31, it was snowy in Quzhou. That day was also an important date when we launched our on-grid household PV power generation system. Our team went out in the snow to help the officers from the electricity sector complete the on-grid inspection, in order to prevent technical problems. We did not go back to celebrate the New Year until the inspection was completed.

(Wang Cong – After-sales Director)


The first thing happened during the May Day holiday in 2022 when the pandemic hit Hangzhou. The whole Gongshu District was under lockdown with roads closed. Poor transportation made it difficult for people to move. To ensure normal production and on-time delivery, the staff in the Supply Chain Department and the Production Department did not take any time off during the May Day holiday and the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Almost all the staff held fast to their positions. To prevent our staff from getting isolated, Hoymiles encouraged them to lodge in the company dormitories. Many managers took the lead to stay in the company. Usually, 2 to 3 people had to share one small room. Many other colleagues from the Administrative Department, the R&D Department, and the Quality Department also came to the company to work as usual. Despite the traffic control that caused great inconvenience, some staff still took a detour to the company. A 15-minute commute could take two hours during that period. I was really touched by their persistence.

The second thing happened during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in 2019 or 2020, when we met a problem concerning DTU testing. To ensure shipment, the R&D team led by Zhou Shigao continuously worked on the issue for 48 hours.

Besides, since I often work late, I can always see most lights in the Production Department and the R&D Department every time I walk out of the building. At that time, I felt that they are like the lighthouse on the sea, making you believe that hope will always be ahead.

(Zhou Lei – Deputy General Manager & Director of the Manufacturing Center)


Hangzhou was once short of electricity for several months when our office was still on Wensan Road. For almost 2 months, there was no power supply in the middle of the day. Staying in the company could be really hot during that period. However, although the working conditions were tough as such, no one asked for leave. We always held fast to our positions.

(Wang Kan – Assistant General Manager)


When a new policy was introduced on May 31, 2018 to impose caps on PV constructions and accelerate subsidy cuts, many enterprises in the PV industry failed to survive under this “harshest-ever PV policy”. However, Hoymiles managed to survive and now has become a listed company. When I first joined Hoymiles, the company manufactured only a few products every day. The number of orders was also small at that time. Now, our efficiency has been greatly improved, with a monthly output of tens of thousands of units. Moreover, our colleagues are all very professional. Since they are always responsible and treat customers honestly, Hoymiles is acquiring an increasing number of customers and orders. I still remember that our proposal to serve as an OEM was once rejected by a peer company. But now we are well ahead of them. I am so proud of that.

(Hu Jianping – Engineer)