Celebrating a decade of open energy
At Hoymiles, the future is bright.
Ten years ago, with one big idea of “making good technology more impactful and accessible” in mind, two experts in electrical engineering embarked on a journey of open energy,
—a starting point of Hoymiles.
Since then, our solar journey has been exciting—and we’ve been joined by even more experts, employees, partners and suppliers, all working toward that same goal.
Celebrating our tenth anniversary, we’re recognizing our success so far. We’ve taken highly efficient, safe and smart energy solutions around the world, bringing limitless solar power
within reach. But we’re also looking to the future—the possibilities ahead of us—and, just like the sun, how we’ll continue to shine for years to come.
A decade of commitment,
collaboration and innovation
The people who
power our success

Hear how our employees embody our values.

A history of open collaboration

See how our partner relationships thrive.


    This was the first video we had with Hoymiles in Brazil four years ago, and I’m proud of it today. And we still have the product with new developments since the market requires to do so. Congratulations everyone! My special thanks to Dr. Yang Bo and Leo and all the staff for Hoymiles.

  • Texas Instruments

    Happy 10th anniversary, Hoymiles! In the past decade, Hoymiles and Texas Instruments have worked together closely in chips, and we are excited to have contributed to Hoymiles’ rapid development in the PV industry.

    Texas Instruments
  • Wuxi Betteri
    Electronic Teghnology Co., Ltd.

    On behalf of our company, I'd like to congratulate Hoymiles on your remarkable achievements. We wish that you will continue to forge ahead in the PV industry and perform well in the stock market. We are honored to be one of your premium suppliers, and we have also gained great progress in our technological and production capacity. We wish that we will work together even closer and reach new heights in the future.

    Wuxi Betteri <br>Electronic Teghnology Co., Ltd.
  • Solgen Power

    We’ve been in business for almost five years. And of those five years, about three and half, four of those have been spent utilizing Hoymiles’ product. Hoymiles has been an absolutely incredible partner in building the solar industry. We’ve really loved their product, the way that they’ve worked with us, the professionalism, their timeliness. They’ve definitely been there when we needed them throughout the last few years. Congratulations Hoymiles on the 10-year anniversary! Hope it’s a great one!

    Solgen Power
  • World Technology Supply

    I remember perfectly six years ago when I first heard the name of Hoymiles. I was impressed by the design and features of their products compared to the existing offer in America. This motivated us to go to China, visit the factory and check out their products. Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised to find not only the innovative and high-quality products, but also the support of a warm, hard-working and very cheerful people.

    World Technology Supply
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