The largest commercial renewable energy retrofit in Nova Scotia

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Commercial Nova Scotia, Canada MI-series microinverters 94.3kW

To deliver Nova Scotia’s largest renewable energy retrofit, we partnered with SKYLIT, one of the province’s best known solar companies. Together, we worked on a cost-effective, competitive package that was installed in under a month – and guaranteed for over 25 years.

Big on power, low on maintenance

We worked closely with SKYLIT and LG Electronics to create a 94.3kW installation at the Old Orchard Inn Hotel and Convention Centre in Wolfville. Using our MI-series microinverters, the system generates high quantities of clean power for the convention center, while feeding excess energy into the local grid.
The installation also uses a power limiting function, restricting panel output to 242W to maximize efficiency.
“We opened Hoymiles microinverters up and found high-quality components throughout And that’s confirmed by our installers – zero defective microinverters to date.” — Andrew Bagley, Skylit.

Fast installation, lifetime performance

The entire system was installed on the south-facing roof in just one month. While our microinverters come with a 25-year warranty, the project is estimated to work for well over 30 years.
At present electricity prices, the installation will have paid for itself in just eight years. As a result, it represents decades of earning potential for the owners.