Hoymiles Balcony Power Storage
Hoymiles Micro-storage

Hoymiles first generation Microinverter Energy Storage System Hoymiles MS-A2/MS-H2 is designed for balcony power plant scenario, with built-in 2.24kWh LiFePO4 Battery.
As the first AC-coupled balcony energy system on the market, it is compatible with all microinverters on the market and can be installed easily in just 2 steps.
Built-in Bluetooth Wifi combo module provides stable communication between the device and mobile APP and S-Miles Cloud.

Dimensions: 455 × 220 × 457mmCapacity: 2.24kWh
Cell Type: LFPLife Cycles: ≥6000
Charging Temperature: 0-55℃Discharging Temperature: -20-55℃
Max. input voltage(DC): /Max. input current(DC): /
Maximum input power(DC): /MPPT voltage range: /
Numbers of MPPTs: /Rated output power(On-Grid): 800VA
Rated output power(Off-Grid): 1200VAMax. input power(Off-Grid): 2400W
Model: MS-A2-FX/MS-A2-ZZ 

●  The first and only AC-coupled balcony power storage product on the market.

●  Perfectly adapts to all microinverter systems on the market.

●  Extremely easy to install, just 2 steps are required

●  4-in-1 design enables faster installation and lower cost.

●  Supports outdoor use, Off-Grid mode for camping scenario.

●  First balcony energy storage product to pass ETSI EN 303645 cybersecurity certification to protect user privacy.

●  New App for all-round monitoring

●  AC Trunk Cable, 12/10 AWG Cable

●  AC Trunk Connector

●  AC Trunk Port Cap

●  AC Trunk End Cap

●  10 Years 

●  IEC 61727, IEC 62116, IEC 61683

●  IEC60068-2-1/-2/-14/-30

●  EC/EN 62109-1/-2

●  IEC/EN 61000-6-1/-2/-3/-4

●  IEC/EN 61000-3-2/-3

Reminder: This DUT is actively maintained concerning security updates for the following 10 years after placing on the market.