Hoymiles rapid shutdown


Hoymiles rapid shutdown

As part of Hoymiles rapid shutdown solution for the PV system, HRSD-1C can be connected with one module. It is strictly compliant with industry standards and guarantees your PV system safety

When installed with and receiving a “permission to operate” signal from Hoymiles Transmitter, HRSD-1C starts proper operation of the PV system. In case of emergency, the PV system would enter module-level rapid shutdown mode by simply disconnecting the AC power of the Transmitter or using an external initiator.

●  Module-level rapid shutdown

●  Easy Installation
    Plug & play, no configuration required

● High Efficiency
   Lower power consumption and wider operating voltage range

● PLC communication
   Realize rapid shutdown with Transmitter

● Lower Noise
   Much lower than arc noise. No risk of trigging AFCI

●  8-80V input voltage range

●  15A maximum current (20A or 25A optional)

●  1V shutdown output voltage

●  SunSpec PLC communication type

●  MC4 connector (standard)

●  IP68 outdoor rating

●  25 Years

●  SunSpec Rapid Shutdown

●  NEC2017&NEC2020 690.12

●  UL1741

●  CSA C22.2 No. 330-17

●  IEC/EN 62109-1

●  HT10 transmitter

●  HT10-Kit transmitter