Use open data to power
your solar ecosystem

Solar Energy Monitoring App can be a valuable tool for tracking the performance of solar installations and relevant information

Data transfer units (DTUs)

Hoymiles DTUs (data transfer units) make solar systems more intelligent and efficient, contributing to sustainable living. With the Solar Energy Monitoring App, you can get performance data and valuable solar system information.

Our data transfer units connect your solar system with your broader life, bridging valid data for easier management, faster troubleshooting, and proactive support.

Hoymiles DTUs (data transfer units) make your solar system management more intelligent.

Get robust, real-time data with stable communication

Hoymiles DTUs (data transfer units) are built for stability and take working information and power production data from your individual microinverters. Our data transfer units allow you to monitor the performance of every microinverter and solar panel, promptly detect potential concerns, and conveniently analyze your entire solar system from the Solar Energy Monitoring App.

Deep insights, available everywhere

Hoymiles DTUs also bridge the gap between your solar system and the S-Miles Cloud monitoring platform. With this connection, you can go beyond monitoring faults and performance to adjusting settings and controlling your system from anywhere in the world. So you can continually optimize performance and maximize your solar harvest with Hoymiles data transfer units.

Painless installation and maintenance

Connectivity at its most compact, Hoymiles DTUs is easy to install, even with limited space. Once it’s in place, you’ll get regular online updates, options for remote maintenance, and ways to adjust parameters online. Our data transfer units support limiting power export and help you maximize production. No more complicated installation procedure. Hoymiles DTUs are easy to handle for everyone.

Connect however you need to

For industry-leading resilience and communication, Hoymiles’ DTUs offer a wide range of connectivity options. For microinverters, use 2.4G wireless as standard, or Sub-1G for increased stability and range. And connect to our monitoring platform in a way that makes sense for you, from Ethernet to Wi-Fi and 4G.

Choosing your ideal DTU

2.4G or Sub-1G?

2.4G is the most widely used wireless standard, ideal for maximizing compatibility. But Sub-1G boasts unbeatable stability and penetration – ideal if your environment is larger.

Connecting to S-Miles Cloud monitoring

Our DTUs come with a wide range of communication ports. Use Wi-Fi in your home, Ethernet where available for better stability, or 4G if internet access is limited.

DTU and microinverter compatibility

Choose the right DTU for your microinverter series:
●HMS, HMT: DTU-Pro-S or DTU-Lite-S
●MI, HM: DTU-WLite, DTU-Pro, or DTU-W100/G100

Three years’ warranty as standard

For peace of mind throughout the life of your DTU, we provide an extensive 36-month
warranty on all DTUs shipped from January 1st 2022.