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Harness the limitless sun and turn
it into usable, affordable energy


Every second, the sun generates energy that can power the world for over 650 years. Though less than one billionth of that energy actually strikes the earth, that is still 1,000 times the world actually needs. And remember that is only one second. Hoymiles is bringing everyone closer to that potential, one installation at a time.
With our proven knowledge and rugged technology, joining the journey to energy independence is simple. Whether you’re getting started or wondering how to maximize your production, we can help.

Harness the sun’s limitless energy

When we say the sun produces energy, what we really mean is that it constantly fires rays – or photons – down to the earth. The first step in any solar system is capturing these rays and converting them into power.

Your solar panels, or photovoltaic panels, can become charged by exposure to sunlight, generating direct current (DC) electricity. But there’s a catch: The vast majority of the appliances that power our lives need an alternating current (AC).

Make endless power more practical

Beyond your solar panels, the wider system plays the important role of converting energy to useful AC electricity. Your solar inverters are the heart of this system: key to safety, solar harvest, and maintaining great performance.

As standard, inverters transform the sunlight you’ve captured into energy you can use around your home. But that’s just the beginning. Smart inverters can also give you unparalleled control and flexibility, from real-time performance monitoring to new ways to increase your output.

Achieve true energy independence

Energy independence isn’t just about producing your own electricity. The biggest return on investment comes from genuine agility – and the ability to use, store, and sell power however you want to.

Without an energy storage system, your options are limited. You produce energy, then you use it. But battery storage liberates you from these restrictions, giving you even more control, every single day. Whether you’re using power more flexibly, maximizing your harvest, cutting your energy bills, or feeding excess electricity into the grid, storage helps you take your system to the next level.

Design your ideal solar system

With a seamless, intelligent solar + storage system,
you can transform your home – and how you live in it.

Get granular control and convert captured energy with microinverters connected to every individual panel.

How much energy do I need?

Average household consumption


How to find your household energy consumption

The most effective way to understand your household energy consumption is to look at existing meters or bills from your energy provider. This should give you an accurate view of how much energy your installation will need to produce.

For a broad estimate of how much energy your solar system will generate, you can look at solar panel and microinverter specifications. However, your actual production will be affected by sunlight and any nearby obstructions like trees or tall buildings.

If you’re trying to estimate usage and production, we’re here to help.
Contact our team for a free energy audit.

Solar roof retrofit

Coping with harsh weather

Still have questions? We’re ready to help.

  • Unparalleled safety: Modules are connected in parallel in microinverter systems and each only carries a voltage of 40 V.
  • Module-level monitoring and easy maintenance: Users are able to check the operation data and performance of each and every module remotely in real-time.
  • High efficiency: Microinverter systems guarantee 5–30% more energy output than traditional inverters in residential, industrial, and commercial power plants.
  • Making full use of your rooftop: Module-level MPPT means that panels can be placed in a way that the space on your rooftop allows.
  • We offer a full range of products from 1-in-1, 2-in-1, 4-in-1 to 6-in-1, meaning that a single microinverter can connect one, two, four, or six panels at once.
  • Our microinverters cover a wide output power from 300 VA to 2250 VA and are compatible with 166/182/210 modules.
  • Our microinverters have been certified globally and can be seamlessly tied to your local grid.
  • Our excellent 99.8% MPPT efficiency ratings make sure that more of your panel production is turned into usable energy. Our 96.7% CEC peak efficiency ranks among the highest in the world.

Our microinverters are compatible with all the mainstream 166/182/210mm modules with power ranging from 300W to 670W. Our flexible design means that you don’t need to have as many inverters as the modules. For example, if your space is limited and you can only install two panels, then you can choose one of our 2-in-1 microinverters instead of two regular ones.