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What is a solar power system?

A solar power system (or photovoltaic system) converts energy from the sun into electricity. While systems vary in capacity and design, they include several key components.

Solar panels
Also known as photovoltaic modules, solar panels generate a direct current when hit by rays from the sun. These are typically mounted to a rooftop where they will be exposed to regular sunlight.

The DC power created by your solar panels isn’t ready to use around your home. It needs to be transformed into alternating current (AC), which requires an inverter.

The most conventional type of inverter is a central or string inverter, attached to multiple panels. However, micro-inverters are smaller plug-and-play options that can be attached to fewer panels. This eliminates a single point of failure from your solar power system.

Hybrid inverters
Hybrid inverters are designed to convert power back and forth from AC to DC. This gives you more freedom to use energy in a variety of ways, including sending power to a storage solution.

Energy storage and batteries
Once your energy is turned into alternating current, it’s ready to use. But adding an energy storage solution to your installation gives you increased flexibility to store energy you don’t need now and use it whenever you want.

How solar works


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your clean energy


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excess energy with a
hybrid inverter


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How much energy do I need?

Average household consumption


How to find your household energy consumption

The most effective way to understand your household energy consumption is to look at existing meters or bills from your energy provider. This should give you an accurate view of how much energy your installation will need to produce.

For a broad estimate of how much energy your solar system will generate, you can look at solar panel and microinverter specifications. However, your actual production will be affected by sunlight and any nearby obstructions like trees or tall buildings.

If you’re trying to estimate usage and production, we’re here to help.
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Why switch to solar?

Solar is the future of every home: a way to reduce your energy bill, environmental impact and dependence on energy providers.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does the system come with any warranty?
Every Hoymiles product is backed by our comprehensive 12 year warranty, with options to extend up to 25 years on most products. Speak to your installer about their warranty on the rest of your installation.
  • How much does the system cost?
From the number of panels to required components, every solar installation is unique. However, microinverters are an effective way to get more from your installation and control overall costs.
  • Am I required to get any building permits for installation?
Permits are not always required to install a solar system, but this may vary depending on your location.
  • Where can I find customer references?
Speak to your local installer about successful projects. If you’re looking for an installer, contact our team for a recommendation.

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At Hoymiles, we think clean energy should be accessible to everyone. From our robust, reliable products to great installer partnerships,
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Our open approach to energy means you get a practical, impactful system and a way to achieve true energy independence. As a result, you’ll see a return on your investment sooner.

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An efficient installation depends on efficient components. Our focus on quality means you get better conversion and, ultimately, more energy for less.

Reliability built-in

your energy

Develop your installation around rugged, robust components that are built to last. It’s clean energy you can feel confident about.

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Together, we’re building a more sustainable future. That’s why we back every one of our products with a minimum 24-month warranty that guarantees a high-performing installation.

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