At Hoymiles, we never talk about our value—we do it

Author: Gong Luping, Auditor

I worked in the Finance Department when I first joined Hoymiles. At that time, the company was working on the launch of the U8 supply chain system. The Finance Department, as the leading department, needed to interface with other relevant departments concerning specific operations, data support, etc. The groundwork needed to be completed quickly as we were pressed for time. All departments were relatively busy because Hoymiles was on the way up then, but they still provided good collaboration and support for me. During the section called “Test and Trial of Importing Sales Data into the System”, I interfaced with the Sales Department and made the following request: All the work of the Sales Department should be completed within 3 working days. As the sales module belongs to the front end of system operation, the accuracy and immediacy of the data play crucial roles in determining whether the system can launch on time. The Sales Department accepted my request without hesitation and said they would cooperate fully to finish the job on schedule. The two departments managed to complete the task within 3 days. However, later I heard that the Sales Department spared much extra time on the collaboration since they were busy preparing for exhibitions and business trips during those days. This is quite touching for me! Actually, during the launch stage, similar situations occurred in many departments. To ensure a timely launch, Hoymiles staff often offered to do extra work.

As I remember, in mid-2018, Hoymiles adjusted its business to develop better. Although the PV business intended for domestic users was stopped, Hoymiles requested relevant departments to provide considerate after-sales service for all users as before to solve the problems they might meet when using the products. Until now, if previous household PV users meet any product issues, Hoymiles still will help solve them timely. I believe that as long as the product is still in the warranty period, Hoymiles will continue to provide after-sales service for the users if possible.

In 2021, I was transferred to the Audit Department due to the needs of the business. My job required me to know and check the actual work situation of each department, which also equipped me with a better understanding of the work efficiency in different positions.

For daily work, each department of the company had clear deadlines and requirements for implementation. However, when checking the implementation of work assigned to relevant personnel, I found that most staff would get their work completed in advance. As I remember, once when conducting audits for relevant departments, I expected that the handler might need at least a week to prepare the material because the projects involved a great number of materials. But in fact, I received all the materials in 3 days.