Three-phase microinverters

The first microinverters of their kind, our three-phase microinverters include reactive power control, a way to improve the performance and stability of your installation. All with support for up to six solar panels at once.

Reduce your costs while maximizing performance

6-in-1 microinverters

The world’s first three-phase microinverter with Reactive Power Control,
the HMT series boasts output up to 2250VA – ideal for industrial settings.

Available in the following models:

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Reactive Power Control

With reactive power control, your microinverters can adapt to the demands of the rest of your system and the wider grid, increasing stability.

Sub-1G wireless

With Sub-1G wireless, your installation is less prone to interference from other devices and signals, increasing performance and stability.

Commonly used module power (W) 405/506
Maximum input voltage (V) 60
Maximum input current (A) 6×11.5
Rated output power (VA) 1800/2250
Maximum units per branch 11/9
CEC peak efficiency 96.5%
Enclosure rating IP67
Warranty 12 years standard

Energy you can trust

Our microinverters are field-proven and guaranteed to perform from sunrise to sunset, year after year. That’s why they all come with a minimum 12-year warranty as standard, with options to extend right up to 25 years.

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