Store and use more of the energy you create

Solar energy storage for a reduced energy bill
Our HY3-series hybrid inverters give you a way to store surplus solar energy in a battery storage system, then use it however and whenever you want, day or night. As a result, you can increase your self-sufficiency to more than 80%, reducing your energy bill while creating an always-available source of backup power.

It’s an effective way to make sure that clean, free energy is always available – even at night or during power outages.

How Solar Batteries Work

How do hybrid inverters work?
A hybrid inverter increases your self-consumption rate by turning excess energy you don’t use into a suitable form for battery storage. This can then be used at night or when your solar installation doesn’t generate enough energy to meet demand from your appliances.
Are there other benefits to hybrid inverters and solar batteries?
Energy storage also means you can balance your grid energy around peak and off-peak times, reducing your energy costs. Finally, solar batteries are a great source of backup power that’s there whenever you need it.
How much are solar batteries?
Solar battery pricing varies widely depending on capacity and performance – your installer can help you find the right solar battery for your needs.
How many solar batteries do I need?
Your installer can help you plan your solar batteries effectively, but for overnight use, you will usually need at least one 5kwh to 20kWh battery.
Are solar batteries reliable during a crisis?

Yes – solar batteries are designed to give you an always-available source of energy, even if your primary system fails.

How is solar energy produced during the day?

During the day, your solar panels will turn rays from the sunlight into energy. This solar energy supplies your appliances, and any surplus solar energy can be stored in a battery for later use.

How is solar battery storage part of an integrated solar energy system?

Your solar storage solution integrates into your wider installation, but only takes the excess energy you’re not already using. This can then be used overnight or in the event of a power outage.

How long do solar batteries last?
Recharging and discharging batteries always affects lifespan. That’s why we recommend optimized batteries which typically last from 10 to 15 years.

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