Get the best return on your investment with revolutionary solar

Business owners

If you’re looking for new ways to drive the value of your property and make the most of roof space, trust Hoymiles to deliver high-performing solar. Working with us, getting a team that cares about your business, maximizing your harvest, and achieving a great return on your investment.

With our blend of technology and expertise , we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our high-efficiency inverters maximize your yield, while intelligent monitoring helps you lower your ongoing maintenance costs.

It’s an investment that makes business sense.

Achieve unbeatable solar yields

The more of the sun’s energy you can transform into electricity, the bigger your return on investment. Hoymiles delivers world-leading efficiency to eliminate waste and increase output. With Module-Level Power Electronics (MLPE) technology, you can increase yield by as much as 30%. Low start-up voltages maximize your power-generating time – another increase of 1.5%. And Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology means every panel can perform independently, maintaining incredible performance even when some panels are in shade.

Make safety and stability your priority

With DC voltages up to 1,500 V, traditional string inverter systems can be high risk. From electric shocks to fires caused by arc faults, it’s needless complexity for your business.
PV modules connected in parallel instead of series, Hoymiles microinverter systems make sure that the DC voltage is as low as 40V. So you get the ultimate in performance and stability, without compromising on the safety of your business, people, and property. And with IP67 enclosure ratings and 6,000 V surge protection, your ecosystem is protected 24/7.

Reduce your lifetime O&M costs

Driving the best return on investment isn’t just about keeping set-up costs down. The best results come from a lifetime of smart, seamless maintenance and precision monitoring.

With Hoymiles, get real-time monitoring anywhere in the world: a way to see how your system is performing and spot failure points before they escalate into costly problems. All backed by our 12-year warranty as standard and options to extend it to 25 years, leaving all your technical monitoring and maintenance to us.

Future-proof your business

Business moves fast – and your solar needs are certain to evolve over time. That’s why we’ve designed our microinverters for the highest levels of compatibility with every kind of solar panel.
So you can configure your ecosystem quickly and easily, start using solar sooner, and effortlessly scale up as your business grows. Expanding your system is simple – just add more modules and microinverters as required, without the need for a complex, costly renovation.

With Hoymiles, you’re in control

From accounting to office software, we’re all working in the cloud. Why should your solar ecosystem be any different?
Our S-Miles Cloud monitoring platform is your hub for every aspect of your installation. In one place, you can see real-time power production data, get alerts when faults are detected, and identify potential problems fast. As a result, you can drive your maintenance costs down even further, with less need for on-site, physical inspections and more access to useful data.

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