About MS

MS can be installed in two forms, floor-mounted and wall-mounted. Wall mounting accessory kit need to be purchased separately.

MS has an Ingress Protection rating of IP65, so it can be used outdoors. It is important to note that, shield the MS-A2 from direct sunlight to prevent rapid temperature increase, avoid immersing MS in water.

MS is compatible with all microinverters with Schuko plug. Just plug the microinverter’s schuko plug into the AC Off-Grid socket on the MS.

About Settings

The MS will power the household loads according to the load power curve set by the user. Typical household base load is 150W-200W. We recommend that you set the settings according to your actual power usage habits

Temporary loads refer to load consumption for a short period of time, e.g. if the washing machine needs to work for an hour, then you can set the load power and usage time of washing mashine accordingly.

You need to disconnect the MS from the grid first, i.e. unplug the MS AC On-Grid plug. Then you can then turn on the off-grid switch on the app or press the power button on the device 2 times in a row to enable the MS’s AC Off-Grid Socket to power the loads.

You can set a particular time period for off-grid usage within the next 7 days. MS will try to reserve as much power as possible for you before your scheduled power consumption time.

Feed-in power setting is to set the power limit for feeding into the grid. Please set up according to local regulations.

Output power setting refers to setting the output power limit of the MS‘s AC On-Grid port. Please set up according to local regulations.

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